BASF Agricultural Products

Pristine is a fungicide for broad-spectrum disease control in grapes, strawberries, stone fruit, pome fruit and tree nuts.


Brandt Sustainable Controls are derived from botanical oil blends. Products include Ecotec, an insecticide and miticide, and the fungicide Sporatec.

Growth Products

Companion, a biofungicide containing Bacillus subtilis GB03 bacteria, is safe for use on all vegetables and fruits. Over two-year shelf life.

Harris Mfg.

The Wonder Weeder from Harris Mfg. is available for rows from 8 to 20 feet wide. Orchard and vineyard models can be used at speeds of 5 to 6 mph.

Hillside Cultivator Co.

Rolling cultivators cut and tear weeds from the soil. Units feature hydraulic width adjustment for row cultivation up to 48 inches.

I&J Mfg.

Horse-drawn cultivators and Cover Crop Rollers that turn cover crops into thick, weed-suppressing mulch when mounted to a tractor.


Seed and coating technology to improve plantability and germination. The product range eXccit was developed to eradicate specific seed-borne pathogens.


Weeders for eradicating weeds mechanically. Four models with working widths from 7.5 to 20 feet. Adjustable tines to accommodate row crops.

Natural Industries, Inc.

Biological fungicide products. Actinovate-AG is a water-soluble powder that controls foliar and root rot diseases with beneficial microbes.

Ohio Earth Food, Inc.

Natural disease control products: wettable sulfur dust or spray, lime sulfur spray, copper dust or spray, Serenade biofungicide and more.


Reflective, metalized mulch films and embossed mulch films, such as Blockade, are designed to drape beds, resist tears and stand up to the elements.

Soil Technologies

Phydura is a contact herbicide utilizing clove oil and vinegar. Controls grasses and broadleaf weeds and is exempt from EPA registration.

Syngenta Crop Protection

Revus Top is a fungicide that protects potatoes and tomatoes against early blight, late blight, black mold, black dot, anthracnose and other diseases.


The Eco Weeder can weed one or two rows, depending on the model. Works alongside plastic mulch. Ideal for organic growers interested in saving time.

Weed Badger

Weed Badger kills in-row weeds in orchards, vineyards, blueberries, nurseries or caneberries without chemicals.