Eden Research has announced that it has received authorization of 3AEY, a product for use in the prevention and treatment of botrytis, also commonly known as bunch rot in viticulture, in table and wine grapes from the Regulatory Affairs Directorate in Malta. Malta is acting as the zonal rapporteur Member State for the Southern EU agricultural zone.

Botrytis is a fungal disease that causes grey mold on most fruits and vegetables often leading to the rapid loss of commercially viable crops. The average losses from affected crops account for around 20% of the total harvest, costing in the region of 10-100 billion euros worldwide. The market size for Botryticides is around $300 million per annum.

Following this authorization, it is expected that the remaining member states across the Southern Zone will grant authorization for the sale and use of 3AEY within the allocated 120 day process.

This product authorization follows on from the approval received May 2013 for the active substances used in 3AEY.