Cooper’s Mill

Offers 60 different all-natural butters, jams, jellies, relishes and syrups. Available with Cooper’s label, private labeling or no label.

Coutts Specialty Foods

Mother’s Pure Preserves and Mother’s Prize offer old New England varieties of homestyle preserves, applesauce, relishes and cranberry products.

Dillman Farm

All-natural pickled products include bread and butter, garlic dill and jalapeno dill pickles; pickled baby corn and green tomatoes; and sweet pickle relish.

Dutch Valley

Offers several different types of packaging, including the Safety Fresh line of resealable containers with a one-piece design and safety seal.

Flamingo Label Co.

Provides custom farm market and product labels. The full-color, digital labels come in any shape and size and work well on all types of packaging.

Gardner Pie Co.

Uses fresh ingredients and family recipes to make natural juice fruit pies, pies with no sugar added, cream pies, South-of-the-Border pies, custard pies and more.

Goodnature Products

Product offerings include pasteurizers, juice extraction and dewatering presses, infusion systems, evaporators, grinders and more.

Greenfield Apple Box Factory

Designs and builds custom wooden boxes in a variety of sizes. Each box is made of white pine that is sawn with a band sawmill and air or kiln-dried.

Greenfield Basket Factory

Provides baskets that can be used for picking, storing, displaying or selling items. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

GreenStar Farm Markets Distributor

GreenStar offers all-natural, Amish-made Farm & Vine preserves at competitive wholesale pricing and has served farm markets for over 35 years.

Hearts & Tummies Cookbook Co.

A range of cookbooks for resale, including Winter Squash and Pumpkin Recipes, Buy Fresh Buy Local and Keep the Skinny Kid Skinny.

Hillside Orchard Farms

Part of Hillside’s product offering is Miss Davie’s barbecue sauce, made from a family recipe. It is available in 12 and 32-ounce bottles.

House of Webster

Provides a complete line of jellies, pickles, preserves, fruit spreads, salsas, relishes, salad dressings and pickled vegetables. Also offers private labeling.

Lehi Valley Trading Co.

Specializes in private labeling and offers over 600 candy and snack items, including a full line of trail mixes, roasted nuts and seeds, dried fruits and granolas.

Little Barn

Products include pickled vegetables, jams, pumpkin butter, soup mixes, egg noodles, cookie mixes, pie fillings, sauces, apple butter and more.

Maize Quest

The farm tour booking system prevents overbooking of tours and helps fill your schedule efficiently.

McCutcheon Apple Products

Homestyle products include apple butter, preserves, juice-sweetened spreads, pickles, relishes, dressings, sodas and juices. Private labeling available.

Produce Promotions

Heavy-duty, tear-proof banners available in a variety of stock prints for produce sales, as well as flags, signs and more for farmstand promotion.

Rockford Package Supply

Offering baskets, cartons, produce/fruit bags, drawstring bags, labels and berry trays for wholesale, retail and farm markets.

Workstead Industries

Pomona’s Universal Pectin is 100 percent pectin and jells well with low amounts of any