Agrisel U.S.A., Inc.

MEGA-PHOS ETN is a water-soluble crystal with a 0-4-38 formulation. For crops and other horticultural uses.

Agro-K Corp.

VZP, a foliar zinc-phosphate based fertilizer, enhances leaf development and vascular efficiencies leading to improved fruit quality.

Biobest Biological Syst.

Biobest bumblebee hives pollinate field fruits and vegetables. Bumblebees work under cold, windy, cloudy and rainy conditions.


Mycorrhizal inoculants for growers wanting a biological approach. Beneficial fungi reduce the amount of fertilization and watering required.

CSI Chemical

Nutri-K is a liquid potassium supplement with an organic complexing agent, T.O.G., that ensures potassium is absorbed quickly and efficiently.

Currie Chemical Co.

TEM 16 is a soluble mixture of magnesium, copper, molybdenum, cobalt, manganese and zinc

Promotes root growth and yield and aids in calcium uptake.

Daddy Pete’s Plant Pleaser

Pete’s Nursery Blend consists of aged pine bark fines, Pete’s cow manure, perlite and dolomitic lime. For roses, perennials, mums and more.

Dramm Corp.

OMRI certified, liquid fertilizers with fish hydrolysate. Various blends with kelp, fulvic acid, humic acid derivatives and Chilean nitrate.

Growers Mineral Solutions

GMS is a mineral supplement that can be used as a starter on seeds and as a foliar spray on forages, grains and produce.

JRM Chemical, Inc.

Soil Moist Plus 7-7-7 is a blend of a water storing polymer and a 7-7-7 timed release fertilizer. Ideal for containers, hanging baskets and more.

Koppert Biological

Koppert bumblebees are an efficient spring pollinator. They achieve a high level of pollination and increase fruit-set, even in cold, rain and wind.

Maxicrop U.S.A., Inc.

Maxicrop liquid or soluble seaweed powder is a natural bio stimulant made by hydrolyzing dried, ground Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed.

Nature Safe Fertilizers

Nature Safe’s fertilizers contain all natural animal proteins—feather, bone, fish, meat, poultry and blood meals—for a balanced nutritional program.

Neptune’s Harvest Fertilizer

Neptune’s Harvest, an organic fertilizer made from fish, contains micro and macronutrients, vitamins, amino acids, omega oils and growth hormones.

Ohio Earth Food, Inc.

Re-Vita Organic Fertilizer is a natural, slow-release fertilizer comprised of composted poultry manure, kelp and humate.

Omega Protein

OmegaGrow and OmegaGrow Plus organic fish fertilizers and SeaCide, an organic fungicide and insecticide that protects plants and increases yield.

Perfect Blend

Perfect Blend’s water-soluble organic fertilizers build soil fertility by increasing soil acids and microbes. Available in granular or liquid form.

Plant Food Co.

Fertilizers including AdamsEarth, an organic soil amendment for improving root mass, soil structure, and the uptake of nutrients and minor elements.

Perdue AgriRecycle

Perdue’s MicroStart60 4-2-3 is a biologically active, slow-release organic fertilizer that comes in pelletized or granular forms.

Rocky Mt. Bio Products

Organic fertilizers and soil amendments, such as Biosol Mix 7-2-3, that promote plant health, plant growth and soil structure.

Tiger-Sul Products Co.

Tiger 90CR Sulphur (0-0-0-90) is a soil amendment designed to quickly degrade, disperse and convert to sulphate throughout the growing season.

Westbridge Ag Products

Plant growth regulators, biostimulants and organic fertilizers in-cluding Soil TRIGGRR, Foliar TRIGGRR and Organic TRIGGRR.

Yara N.A., Inc.

A source for fertilizers including YaraLiva, a calcium nitrate; Yara-Vita, chelated and folia micronutrients; and specialty potassium fertilizers.