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GrassWorks Weed Wiper

The GrassWorks Weed Wiper applies herbicides to row crops. No drip or drift. Can be used in windy applications. Available in 3 to 30-foot lengths.

Green Hoe Co., Inc.

The Green Grape hoe controls weeds in vineyards. One lever lets you control hydraulic power and target weeds between and around plants.

Harris Mfg.

The Wonder Weeder from Harris Mfg. is available for 8 to 20-foot wide rows. Orchard and vineyard models can be used at speeds of 5 to 6 mph.

Hillside Cultivator Co.

Rolling cultivators cut and tear weeds from the soil. Units feature hydraulic width adjustment for row cultivation up to 48 inches.

I&J Mfg.

Horse-drawn cultivators and Cover Crop Rollers that turn cover crops into thick, weed-suppressing mulch when mounted to a tractor.


The eXccit seed coat product range combines specific priming and disinfection technologies to eradicate pathogens from seeds, without compromising germination.


Weeders for eradicating weeds mechanically. Four models with working widths from 7.5 to 20 feet. Adjustable tines to accommodate row crops.

Pliant Corp.

Blockade is a plastic film mulch with a high barrier core to make better use of fumigants. Available in a variety of gauges and widths.

PMR Industries

The Plastic Mulch Retriever lifts, rolls and removes plastic mulch in one pass. Shaker chain removes all soil and debris. Operates at a speed of 5 mph.

SunShine Paper Co.

WeedGuardPlus is a bio-degradable paper fiber mulch that suppresses weeds. One version is enriched with 5-5-5 fertilizer, another version is organic.

Weed Badger

The SS600 kills in-row weeds in nurseries, shelterbelts, vineyards and orchards. Use this skid steer tool with attachments to till, disc, undercut weeds and more.