Drop Hose Docking Stations

Valley Irrigation is offering a new sprinkler application option for growers who rotate crops of varying heights. AquaDock drop hose docking stations support two ground clearances in one drop hose assembly. Growers can easily change the drop hose height from the ground using a lift pole to place the sprinkler head into the docking station. This product offering was designed to provide a convenient way to change drop hose length and to improve crop production. AquaDock allows growers to tailor water application to varying crop clearances without compromising uniformity or efficiency – two essential elements in yield and profit. AquaDock is available for new machines and for retrofitting existing pivots. Docking stations can be mounted directly to the U-pipe or they can clamp around the span. The span clamp version can prevent span cable theft.

http://www.valleyirrigation.com, 402-359-2201

Fight Grapevine Canker Diseases

Safecoat VitiSeal from VitiSeal International is a natural waterborne copolymer emulsion with other NOP-approved ingredients designed to assist growers in the battle against grapevine canker diseases. VitiSeal creates a protective, resistant barrier over the typical point of entry for wood canker diseases, including Eutypa dieback and Botryosphaeria canker. It is typically applied once per season by painting, daubing or spraying onto vines, trunks and tree bases. The proprietary formulation is water-based and environmentally safe, containing no hazardous materials or hazardous air pollutants. It has no re-entry restrictions after treatment and presents no risks of bioaccumulation. VitiSeal is available either in a gallon concentrate, which can be diluted in the field to make 10 gallons, or a ready-to-use version.

http://www.vitiseal.com, 619-239-0321