The Joker’s high-speed compact disc design offers residue mixing, field conditioning, seedbed preparation and fertilizer incorporation. In 13 to 37-foot widths.

www.horschanderson.com, 605-298-5663

Kennco Manufacturing, Inc.

The Bed Buster breaks up old beds and spreads soil to each side. The sweep-type middle busters roll the soil for a good mixing action. Various multi-row configurations.

www.kenncomfg.com, 813-645-2591

Kunz Engineering

The Till-Ease Model 543 chisel plow/field cultivator is capable of 6-inch tillage depths. Rigid shanks maintain an optimum sweep attack angle on the ground.

www.kunzeng.com, 815-539-6954

Orchard Valley Supply

Mycor grape and berry root dip inoculates bare-root plants with beneficial fungi and bacteria prior to planting. Plants have better survival and growth.

www.orchardvalleysupply.com, 888-755-0098

Rain-Flo Irrigation

Manufactures vegetable machinery, including transplanters and plastic mulch layers. Also offers drip irrigation and plastic mulch.

www.rainfloirrigation.com, 717-445-3000

Renaldo Sales & Service

The RTME1100 Semiautomatic transplanter is designed for vegetable row crops being planted on plastic mulch-covered beds. One, two, three and six-row configurations.

www.renaldo.org, 800-424-5564

Vermont Natural Ag Products Inc

Moo Start is a seed germinating mix that is great for starting seeds and sensitive transplants. The product is now available in a 1-cubic-foot bag.

www.moodoo.com, 802-388-1137