A.M. Leonard

Ginegar Cover Plus films are built tolast multiple years. They can be used forstructure coverings and float bed liners,to darken and shade plants, and as weedbarriers.

http://www.amleo.com/poly, 800-543-8955

Adaptive Plastics

Solexx greenhouse glazing is a diffusetwin-wall covering that will save moneyfor winter-heated greenhouses and growplants faster in unheated greenhouses.

http://www.farmwholesaleag.com, 877-234-1595

Advancing Alternatives

Offers freestanding and gutter-connectcurtain packages, curtain wall packages,manual operators, electric motors, environmentalcontrols, FlareTube and more.

http://www.advancingalternatives.com, 877-546-2257

AmeriLux International

High-performance multiwall polycarbonatepanels come with a 15-year warrantyagainst yellowing, loss of light transmissionand breakage caused by hail.

http://www.ameriluxinternational.com, 920-336-9300

Berry Hill Irrigation

Greenhouse growing supplies for tomatoesand vegetables, including twine, growbags, tomato clips, Tomahooks, pollinators,drip irrigation components and more.

http://www.berryhilldrip.com, 434-374-5555

Buffalo Turbine

Functioning as an evaporative cooler,the Monsoon Air Mister uses a highspeedrotary disc atomizer and can distributea fine mist of water up to 50 feet.

http://www.buffaloturbine.com, 716-592-2700

Cravo Equipment

Retractable-roof greenhouses and shadehouses optimize growing conditions whileprotecting acres of crops in minutes fromheat, cold, wind, hail, snow and insects.

http://www.cravo.com, 888-738-7228

Dramm Corp.

The ColorStorm hose is made fromEPDM rubber for resistance to abrasionand weathering. It has crush-proof, nickel-plated brass fittings for an exact fit.

http://www.dramm.com, 800-258-0848

Duarte Nursery

Produces 100 percent containerizedgrapevines from 385 certified clones, aswell as almond trees, walnut rootstock,pistachio rootstock, citrus trees and cherrytrees.

http://www.duartenursery.com, 209-531-0351

Forrest Keeling Nursery

Grows over 97 varieties of seedlings,122 varieties of RPM potted liners, 22species of oaks and 27 varieties of nuttrees. Specializes in native plant material.

http://www.fknursery.com, 800-356-2401

Growers Supply

Manufacturer of greenhouses, hightunnels and controlled environmentagriculture systems, offering design-buildsolutions for the horticulture industry.

http://www.growerssupply.com/ADGRWNG, 800-476-9715

Growing Systems

The tray separator can separate a caseof 100 trays in minutes. Constructed ofsteel, it adjusts for any model of tray, withor without a lip. No electricity needed.

http://www.growingsystemsinc.com, 414-263-3131


Offers nursery and farm high tunnels,doors, tunnel covers, steel gutters, ventingsystems and more. All high tunnels aremodular.

http://www.haygrove.com, 717-492-4955


Serving the greenhouse industry since1968 with a complete line of products,including beneficial insects, greenhousepackages, greenhouse seeds and more.

http://www.hydro-gardens.com, 719-495-2266

Ken-Bar/Harris Seeds

High tunnel vents can be installed inthe roof or end wall for extra ventilation.Includes automatic vent opener, so noelectricity is needed. Four sizes available.

http://www.ken-bar.com, 800-336-8882

Line Blaster/Solutions USA

Line Blaster removes blockages in alltypes of irrigation emitters. It penetratesand breaks up all the deposits that plugemitters. No flushing or labor involved.

http://www.lineblaster.com, 800-CHEM-911

Morgan County Seeds

Offers high tunnels and greenhouses,building equipment and supplies, plants,bulbs, roots, seeds, fertilizers, irrigationequipment and more.


Nelson Irrigation

The low-volume R10 Rotator can beused for overhead irrigation, cooling andenvironmental control in tree, vine, smallfruit and nursery crops.

http://www.nelsonirrigation.com, 509-525-7660

Nexus Greenhouse Systems

The Zephyr holds outside ambienttemperature in the greenhouse withoutthe use of mechanical cooling. Trussesare factory-welded using galvanized steel.

http://www.nexuscorp.com, 800-228-9639

P.L. Light Systems

Optimize the amount of par lightproduced by the supplemental lightingsystem in your greenhouse. Bulbs andreflectors wear with age, and output candiminish.

http://www.pllight.com, 905-563-4133


Manufactures high tunnels, commercialand retail greenhouses, shade systemsand displays with the user in mind. Twolines of hobby greenhouses available.

http://www.poly-tex.com, 800-852-3443

Pro Horticulture

Offers a wide variety of growing equipmentand supplies, such as fans, irrigationcomponents, heaters, grow lights,structures and more.

http://www.pro-horticulture.com, 866-866-5969

Prohoe Mfg.

Manufactures a variety of professional-quality hoes using recycled agriculturaldisc blades and wood or fiberglasshandles.

http://www.prohoe.com, 800-536-5450

Quietaire Corp.

Greenhouse ventilation and coolingproducts include aluminum fans, evaporativecooling systems, HAF fans, tubevent fans and more.

http://www.quietaire.com, 713-228-9421

Rimol Greenhouse Systems

High tunnels from 18 to 34 feet wideare available with a variety of options.They are easy to build and suited forheavy snow and wind loads.

http://www.rimol.com, 603-629-9004

Rough Bros.

The wide-span, gutter-connected RD2Poly Arch greenhouse’s frame incorporates2 3/8-inch round pipe Gothic archesand 4-inch round gutter columns.

http://www.roughbros.com, 513-242-0310

Seed E-Z Seeder

Available greenhouse supplies includethe Seed E-Z Seeder vacuum seeder, dibbleboards, plug poppers and germinationchambers.

http://www.sezsdr.com, 800-448-9371

Senninger Irrigation

The Upright Micro-Sprinkler distributeswater over a large diameter in aconsistent, uniform pattern. A tabbeddeflector can reduce the angle and diameterof coverage.

http://www.senninger.com, 407-877-5655

Stark Bro’s

Bare-root fruittrees include plum,apple, pear, apricot,cherry, peach,stone fruit crossesand nectarine. Patented Stark varieties andtrees from expert breeding programs.

http://www.starkbroswholesale.com, 800-325-4180

Thomas Bros. Equipment

Mankar ULV sprayers apply undilutedRoundup. Very precise, sharp outputwith a minimal risk of drift. Save moneywhile preserving cultivated plants.

tbrofab@gmail.com, 800-325-4180


Wellmaster’s 360_ Cart features a dynamicdesign to meet all horticultural needs. Itszero turn radius offers maneuverability invarious environments.

http://www.wellmaster.ca, 519-688-0500