A.M. Leonard

Ginegar Cover Plus films are built to last multiple years. They can be used for structure coverings and float bed liners, to darken and shade plants, and as weed barriers.

http://www.amleo.com/poly, 800-543-8955

Adaptive Plastics

Solexx greenhouse glazing is a diffuse twin-wall covering that will save money for winter-heated greenhouses and grow plants faster in unheated greenhouses.

http://www.farmwholesaleag.com, 877-234-1595

Advancing Alternatives

Offers freestanding and gutter-connect curtain packages, curtain wall packages, manual operators, electric motors, environmental controls, FlareTube and more.

http://www.advancingalternatives.com, 877-546-2257

Agra Tech

The North Slope sheds snow and allows maximum light into the greenhouse in northern climates. The Gothic peak makes it easy to cool with natural ventilation.

http://www.agratech.com, 877-432-3336

Arendtsville Garage

Sells and services Durand-Wayland and Myers products. Offers turf and nursery sprayers, row crop sprayers, orchard sprayers and more.


Berry Hill Irrigation

Drip irrigation kits are easy to install and simple to use. They include drip tape, fittings, main line, pressure reducer, filter, repair couplers and more.

http://www.berryhilldrip.com, 434-374-5555

Cravo Equipment

Retractable-roof greenhouses and shade houses optimize growing conditions while protecting acres of crops in minutes from heat, cold, wind, hail, snow and insects.

http://www.cravo.com, 888-738-7228

Delta T Solutions

Radiant floor heat using inground Delta Tube LD EPDM rubber tube improves the growing environment, plant health and fuel efficiency. Reduces watering needs.

http://www.deltatsolutions.com, 800-552-5058

Dramm Corp.

The ColorStorm hose is made from EPDM rubber for resistance to abrasion and weathering. It has crush-proof, nickel-plated brass fittings for an exact fit.

http://www.dramm.com, 800-258-0848

Forrest Keeling Nursery

Grows over 97 varieties of seedlings, 122 varieties of RPM potted liners, 22 species of oaks and 27 varieties of nut trees. Specializes in native plant material.

http://www.fknursery.com, 800-356-2401

Gothic Arch Greenhouses

Provides a wide variety of greenhouse kits, along with equipment and supplies, such as circulation fans, doors, lighting, thermostats, ventilation and more.

http://www.gothicarchgreenhouses.com, 800-531-4769

Greentech Mfg.

The Crown Royal Stove line has multiple models to choose from, including indoor and outdoor models that burn wood, coal and corn.

http://www.crownroyalstoves.com, 866-361-7355

Growing Systems

The tray separator can separate a case of 100 trays in minutes. Constructed of steel, it adjusts for any model of tray, with or without a lip. No electricity needed.

http://www.growingsystemsinc.com, 414-263-3131

Growers Supply

Pro Solar Star Series 2000 A-frame greenhouses are ideal for growing, displaying and selling plants all in one space. A variety of customizable options is available.

http://www.growerssupply.com/ADTGC, 800-476-9715

Harris Seeds

High tunnel vent systems can be installed in the roof or end wall to provide supplemental ventilation for extremely hot conditions.

http://www.harrisseeds.com, 800-544-7938

Harvest Automation

Robots for nursery and greenhouse operators enable smarter production by providing significant gains in productivity, efficiency and plant quality.

http://www.harvestai.com, 978-528-4250


Offers nursery and farm high tunnels, doors, tunnel covers, steel gutters, venting systems and more. All high tunnels are modular.

http://www.haygrove.com, 717-492-4955


The G Series wood furnace is EPA Phase 2-certified and features an air-injected downdraft system, dual firebox door latch, powder-coat finish and multilayer insulation.

http://www.heatmasterss.com, 877-325-9792


Enables bioorganic production by delivering a nutrient solution at the top of the pivot post, which can be drained into the ground or reused.

http://www.hydrostacker.com, 941-322-9602


Serving the greenhouse industry since 1968 with a complete line of products, including beneficial insects, greenhouse packages, greenhouse seeds and more.

http://www.hydro-gardens.com, 800-634-6362

Jiffy Products of America

Roots grow through the Jiffypot wall naturally, then are air-pruned, which stimulates stronger and more fibrous root development than in plastic pots.

http://www.jiffygroup.com, 800-323-1047

Line Blaster – Solutions USA

Line Blaster removes blockages in all types of irrigation emitters. It penetrates and breaks up all the deposits that plug emitters. No flushing or labor involved.

http://www.lineblaster.com, 800-CHEM-911

Midwest Trading Horticultural Supplies

VersaQuonsets are made of galvanized 13/8-inch, 16-gauge tubing for the VersaQuonset model or 15/8-inch, 15-gauge tubing for the Pro-Line heavy-duty houses.

http://www.midwest-trading.com, 630-365-1990

Monarch Mfg.

Zipset Protective Wraps are made from poly-coated bleached board with a heat-sealed seam. They protect newly planted vines or seedlings from sun, wind and more.

http://www.monarchmfg.com, 800-284-0390

Morgan County Seeds

Offers high tunnels and greenhouses, building equipment and supplies, plants, bulbs, roots, seeds, fertilizers, irrigation equipment and more.


Nelson Irrigation

The low-volume R10 Rotator can be used for overhead irrigation, cooling and environmental control in tree, vine, small fruit and nursery crops.

http://www.nelsonirrigation.com, 509-525-7660

Nexus Greenhouse Systems

The Zephyr holds outside ambient temperature in the greenhouse without the use of mechanical cooling. Trusses are factory-welded using galvanized steel.

http://www.nexuscorp.com, 800-228-9639


The Gastec GV100X pump is offered exclusively for fumigation applications and is made of a corrosion-resistant metal alloy.

www.nextteq.com, 877-312-2333

P.L. Light Systems

Optimize the amount of par light producedby the supplemental lighting systemin your greenhouse. Bulbs and reflectorswear with age, and output can diminish.

www.pllight.com, 905-563-4133

Omni Structures International

Omni’s freestanding structures are available in a variety of covers, with or without ends, for either growing or sheltering needs.

http://www.omnicanada.com, 800-991-0600


Poly-Tex offers a full line of commercial and retail greenhouses, hobby greenhouses, displays, shade systems and accessories for a wide range of needs.

http://www.poly-tex.com, 800-852-3443

Reef Industries

Griffolyn covers are manufactured using a UV-stabilizing additive to protect them from UV degradation and help them retain their original properties.

http://www.reefindustries.com, 713-507-4251

Rimol Greenhouse Systems

High tunnels from 18 to 34 feet wide are available with a variety of options. They are easy to build and suited for heavy snow and wind loads.

http://www.rimol.com, 603-629-9004

Rough Bros.

The wide-span, gutter-connected RD2 Poly Arch greenhouse’s frame incorporates 2 3/8-inch round pipe Gothic arches and 4-inch round gutter columns.

http://www.roughbros.com, 513-242-0310

Senninger Irrigation

The Upright Micro-Sprinkler distributes water over a large diameter in a consistent, uniform pattern. A tabbed deflector can reduce the angle and diameter of coverage.

http://www.senninger.com, 407-877-5655

Spectrum Technologies

The LightScout DLI 100 light metercompares light between three locations atthe same time. It displays light intensitylevels every four seconds for 24 hours.

http://www.specmeters.com, 800-248-8873

Stark Bro’s

Fruit trees include apple, cherry, fig, nectarine, peach and more. Nut trees include chestnut, pecan, walnut and more. Also offers various berry plants.

http://www.starkbros.com, 800-325-4180

St. George Co.

The Kasco K80S-T8N air-purifying helmet respirator offers protection when spraying herbicides and pesticides. Two activated charcoal filters remove toxins.

http://www.thestgeorgeco.com, 519-442-2046


A Powerhouse measuring 30 by 72 feet yields 2,160 square feet of growing space with a height at the ridge of 13 feet 4 inches. Various models and options available.

http://www.stuppy.com, 800-733-5025

Thomas Bros. Equip. Sales

Mankar ULV sprayers apply undiluted Roundup. Very precise, sharp output with a minimal risk of drift. Save money while preserving cultivated plants.



Designs and supplies irrigation systems specific to the needs of each grower, using the best offerings from Netafim, Toro, John Deere, H.G. Anderson, Mix-Rite, etc.

http://www.trickl-eez.com, 800-874-2553

Wellmaster Carts

The 360° Cart has a zero turn radius, mesh base, 22-by-59-inch mesh shelf, two push handles, hot dip galvanized finish and optional drawbar for towing.

http://www.wellmaster.ca, 519-688-0500