Advancing Alternatives

Patented FlareTube is made of a durable aluminum alloy and won’t rust, crack, warp or peel. Flares connect to other tubes and surfaces with self-drilling Teks to eliminate the need for special brackets or welding. Available in 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16-foot lengths, FlareTube easily cuts to any length so you can create your projects on-site.


Agra Tech

The North Slope is designed to shed snow and allow maximum light into the greenhouse in northern climates. The Gothic peak makes it easy to cool with natural ventilation, so it also works well in mild to hot climates. It is a commercial-grade Quonset/high tunnel greenhouse. The Gothic arch design has no flat spots, so it is stronger and drips less.


Cravo Equipment

Designs and supplies retractable-roof greenhouses and shade houses, helping producers optimize growing conditions while protecting acres of crops in minutes from extreme heat, cold, wind, hail, snow and insects. A range of structures allows for specific crop and weather conditions. The low-cost X-frame is ideal for cherries, berries, vegetables and covering annuals and perennials.


Delta T Solutions

Radiant floor heat using inground Delta Tube LD EPDM rubber tube improves the growing environment, plant health and fuel efficiency. Inground hot water heating is ideal for accelerated rooting in starter houses, production growing, nurseries and vegetable production. Putting heat near plant roots efficiently uses energy, reduces watering needs and prevents disease.


Growers Supply

Pro Solar Star Series 1000 arch-type greenhouses feature galvanized steel frames to ensure durability and a continuous roof vent that allows for natural ventilation. They are available with a variety of customizable options, including widths ranging from 21 to 42 feet, gutter supports up to 12 feet wide and gutter heights up to 20 feet.

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Jiffy Products of America

Roots grow through the Jiffypot wall naturally, then are air-pruned, which stimulates stronger and more fibrous root development than in plastic pots. Bench utilization after potting on is quicker because there is no root disturbance, reducing the growing period by several weeks compared to plants grown in plastic pots.


P.L. Light Systems

Optimize the amount of par light being produced by the supplemental lighting system in your greenhouse. Bulbs and reflectors wear with age, and output can diminish. Steps must be taken to ensure maximum productivity and minimize energy consumption. Timely maintenance is the only way to ensure you have maximized your system performance.


Rimol Greenhouse Systems

The Rolling Thunder is a moveable greenhouse ideal for organic vegetable production where several parcels of ground are being used for season extension of vegetables or fruits. The greenhouse is completely anchored in place after it is easily moved with permanent wheels and a track.


St. George Co.

The Kasco K80S-T8N air-purifying helmet respirator offers a high degree of protection when spraying herbicides and pesticides. Two activated charcoal filters remove toxins and a powerful fan delivers 8 cubic feet of air to the lightweight fiberglass helmet.



Designs and supplies irrigation systems specific to the needs of each grower, using the best offerings from Netafim, Toro, John Deere, H.G. Anderson, Mix-Rite, etc.