The pecan harvester picks up pecans of all sizes, as well as almonds. It allows operators to easily harvest pecans without bending over., 800-940-A-NUT

The Gardener’s Hollow Leg

The Gardener’s Hollow Leg (5 gallons) and the Jr. version (1 gallon) are wearable harvesting bags. Each comes with an attached belt that adjusts to 52 inches., 510-735-6165


KCI has a large selection of nut harvesting equipment to choose from, for growers of all sizes., 559-897-3662

Lakewood Process Machinery

The Vegetable Packing Line offers a complete postharvest washing, sorting and packing solution for bell peppers, cucumbers, potatoes, squash and more., 800-366-6705

Littau Harvester

The over-the-row harvester is a diesel-powered unit that straddles a berry bush to harvest its fruit. It shakes the bush so only the ripe fruit falls onto the catcher plates., 866-262-2495

McDonnall Harvester & Parts

Serves the processing vegetable industry with planting, spraying and harvesting equipment. The on-site service company also runs a fully stocked parts room., 419-822-4271

Naber’s Ag Equipment

The EasyPick Harvest Assistant eliminates the need to bend over while harvesting and comes in models sized from two to 10 workstations., 402-366-6322


The Munckhof Pluk-O-Trak can be used for harvesting, pruning, trellis work and net installation. Two models are available, both with a 13 hp Honda engine., 413-369-4335

Orchard Machinery

The OMC Aftershock AR-7 bin carrier has an articulating rear axle with air-ride suspension, optional traction control and self-centering rear steering., 530-673-2822

Oxbo International

Manufactures a full line of fruit and vegetable harvesters. The Oxbo 8000 is a single drop blueberry harvester geared toward reducing harvesting costs.

Phil Brown Welding

The N model box shuttle is self-loading and unloading and is designed especially for the narrow, high-density orchards of today., 616-784-3046

Pik Rite

The Pepper Harvester can harvest up to 16,000 pounds of bell peppers per hour with minimal labor costs. The sickle bar header works in raised beds or on flat ground., 800-326-9763

Provide Agro

The Orsi Eco Pick is an electrically driven platform designed for use in high-density tree fruit orchards with two people on the platform and two on the ground., 905-563-8261

R&H Machine

Manufactures chrome alloy sprockets and rolling stock that improve chain life on many types of harvesters., 800-321-6568

Roeters Farm Equipment

Specializing in new and used vegetable equipment, including harvesters for sweet corn, onions, potatoes and more., 231-834-7888

Stokes Ladders

Specializes in aluminum tripod ladders from 5 to 16 feet tall. Also offers straight citrus ladders from 10 to 22 feet tall., 800-842-7775

Strathmore Ladder

The 100 series ladders were created to handle the heavy use of the commercial fruit harvesting industry. Available in a variety of sizes from 6 to 14 feet., 800-393-5233

Surplus Refrigeration

AgriChill is a temperature-controlled postharvest hydro cooler that uses water chilled in an ice bank. The water comes in direct, uniform contact with produce., 800-351-7577

Sutton Ag Enterprises

The walk-behind HarvestStar baby leaf harvester allows one person to harvest 300 pounds of greens per hour. With band blade or reciprocating blade head., 866-280-6229


FreshQC is a harvest management solution with PTI-compliant traceability built in. It links consumer feedback to the picker in the field., 813-708-0123

Weldcraft Industries

Side-by-side fruit and nut harvesters are designed for fast, efficient harvesting, with no tree or fruit damage., 559-784-4322

Willsie Equipment

The one-row Root Crop Harvester is designed for gentle sweet potato harvesting, but can be used for most root crops like potatoes, beets, carrots, garlic, etc., 800-561-3025