The PAL-1 digital, hand-held refractometer has a measurement range of 0 to 53 percent Brix and is equipped with Automatic Temperature Compensation.


The Bag-A-Nut is designed to harvest many types of nuts, including pecans. The patented wheels grab and eject the nuts into a basket.

Baldwin Apple Ladders

Tripod stepladders (from 6 to 10 feet); open-top ladders (10 to 22 feet); and pointed-top ladders (10 to 22 feet). With bigtooth aspen rails and ash rungs.


The OHL blueberry harvester brings all fruit to the top of the machine and is loaded using a forklift. Holds six full pallets at a time.

Coe Orchard Equip.

The Bin Carrier features a 99 hp John Deere 4045T diesel engine, all-wheel drive, capacity of seven empty or six full bins, and dual joystick control.

Decade Products

The MACX 48 bulk harvest bin measures 48 inches square, fits directly onto harvesting equipment and is constructed of HDPE structural foam.

Herb Barber & Sons

Fruit and vegetable harvesting lugs are made of heavy-duty food-grade polyethylene. They can be stacked when full and nested when empty.

J&J Wood Products

Offers harvest bins, bin repair, bin hardware, pallets, stacking aids, tree spreaders and crates.

Jack Rabbit

The Jack Cart features hydraulic side dump and a 335-cubic-foot bin capacity. Side dump eliminates the need for cart changes or tractor disconnections to speed harvesting.


The Carrot Crowner removes carrot tops and throws them to the right side of the bed. Hydraulically powered. Use with slicers, dicers and babies.

Lakeview Vineyard Equip.

Vineyard and orchard equipment. Featuring Gregoire Grape Harvesters that are available as self-propelled or pull-behind units.

Littau Harvester

Littau Harvester has a new model of its diesel-powered, over-the-row berry harvester for the 2010 season.

Macro Plastics

The MacroTote 9-FV hand-held tote has nonporous surfaces and comes in FDA-approved material. Easy to sanitize and engineered with 15 percent more cooling vents.

Naber’s Ag Equip.

The EasyPick Harvest Assistant eliminates the need to bend over while harvesting and comes in models sized from two to 10 workstations.

Orchard Machinery

The OMC Aftershock AR-7 bin carrier has an articulating rear axle with air-ride suspension, optional traction control and self-centering rear steering.

Organic Ag. Designs

The RowRider carries a field worker over a row crop in an ideal ergonomic position. In manual ratchet-drive and 12-volt battery-powered models.

Oxbo International

Multicrop harvesters include the Oxbo 2430 and 2470, designed to efficiently harvest green beans, sweet and seed corn and other vegetable crops.

Peach Ridge

Peach Ridge Orchard Supply is a source for picking bags and buckets, replacement straps, ladders, sizers, produce knives and more.

Phil Brown Welding

The Brownie lift features three-wheel hydraulic drive, pedal controls for hands-free pruning/picking, 18 hp Vanguard twin electric-start gas engine and more.

Pik Rite

Designs and manufactures a wide range of equipment for harvesting vegetables, including tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, gourds and all types of peppers.

Putnam Plastics

Putnam Plastics provides a wide assortment of boxes and baskets for in-field berry harvesting.

R&H Machine

Manufacturer of chrome alloy sprockets and rolling stock that improve chain life on many types of harvesters.

Schieler Harvester

The 180-degree Bin Inverter rotates completely upside down and has interchangeable hook plates and removable, adjustable bin clamps.

Scythe Supply

The European scythe can be used under fences, for garden trimming, small fields, orchards, cover crops and much more.

Spudnik Equip. Co.

Offers a full range of potato harvesters in two, three and four-row models with accompanying windrowers in three, four and six-row models.

Stokes Ladders

Specializes in aluminum tripod ladders from 5 to 16 feet tall. Also offers straight citrus ladders from 10 to 22 feet tall.

Strathmore Ladder

Strathmore manufactures aluminum orchard-type ladders, available in a wide assortment of styles and sizes and made in the U.S.

Sutton Ag Enterprises

The HarvestStar can harvest 300 to 400 pounds of leafy greens per hour. With a 28-inch cutting width, it has a stainless steel cutting head for durability.

Tallman Ladders

Tallman has been making its quality aluminum tripod orchard ladders since 1954.

Thomas E. Moore

Carries a full line of harvesting equipment and offers service and parts such as chain, sprockets, rollers, bearings and more.

Titan Mfg.

PTO-driven, dual-sided Titan Dual Blower has a three-point mount, doors to control airflow and spring-loaded breakaway chutes. Minimum 80 hp tractor required.

Topcon Precision Agriculture

The AES-25 Electric Steering System provides the convenience of electric steering with the performance of hydraulic systems.

Ubly Peanut Blade Mfg.

Ubly peanut digger blades have a thin, heat-treated, hard-faced cutting edge that always stays sharp and always cuts the taproots with no peanut bunching.

US Small Farm Equip.

Manufactures small potato equipment such as three-point and pull-type diggers (including sweet potato options), hilling discs and potato seed cutters.


FreshQC is a harvest management solution with PTI-compliant traceability built in. It links consumer feedback to the picker in the field.

Willsie Equip. Sales

Builds a line of three-point hitch diggers for harvesting vegetables, bulbs, potatoes, garlic, onions and more. Adaptable for different widths and configurations.

For More Information

Mangan created to educate people about crops from other regions. The site is organized by country and includes lists of staple crops, historical information, growing suggestions and recipes, as well as seed sources.

To order jiló, contact Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. The company carries a variety called Jiló Tingua Verde Claro, which is the most popular type among Brazilians in the United States.

Maxixe seed can be special-ordered through D. Landreth Seed Company , where it is listed as West Indian Burr Gherkins in vegetables, under pickling cucumbers. It is also available at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, where it is labeled West Indian Burr Gherkins under cucumbers. 

There are no commercial seed sources available for chipilín at this time. Research on this crop is being conducted at UMass with the assistance of the CENTA in El Salvador (Centro Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuario y Forestal).