Atago U.S.A.

Digital, hand-held PAL-1 refractometer has a measurement range of 0 to 53 percent Brix with an accuracy range of plus or minus .2 percent with ATC.


The Bag-A-Nut is designed to harvest many types of nuts, including pecans. The patented wheels grab and eject nuts into a basket.

Baldwin Apple Ladders

Tripod stepladders (from 6 to 10 feet); open-top ladders (10 to 22 feet); and pointed- top ladders (10 to 22 feet). Big tooth aspen rails, ash rungs.

BEI, Inc.

The OHL blueberry harvester brings all fruit to the top of the harvester and is loaded using a forklift. Holds six full pallets at a time.

CropCare Equipment

The Plastic Mulch Lifter/Wrapper lifts and wraps plastic mulch or drip tape in one pass to reduce pickup times and minimize labor costs.

Decade Products

Plastic bulk containers with vents to reduce cooling, drying times. Can be high-pressure washed and sterilized. Twenty- bushel capacity and stackable.

Farm Works Software

Farm Trac software maintains field records, crop plans and equipment maintenance schedules and prints a number of crop-related reports.


The self-propelled JackRunner works as a transfer vehicle between the reservoir cart and elevator. The bin has a 400-cubic-foot capacity.

Kerian Machines, Inc.

The Speed Sizer provides accurate and gentle sizing of both long and round products.

KPR, Inc.

The Carrot Crowner removes carrot tops and throws them to the right side of the bed. Hydraulically powered. Use with slicers, dicers and babies.

Lakeview Vineyard Equip.

Vineyard and orchard equipment. Featuring Gregoire Grape Harvesters that are available as self-propelled or pull-behind units.

Littau Harvester

Picking machines, including the 10,650-pound Over-the-Row Machine that straddles and shakes berry bushes while the field crew works above.

Macro Plastics

Large-capacity, injection-molded MacroBins for harvesting and storing fruits and vegetables. FDA-approved and RFID-compatible.

Naber’s Ag Equipment

The 400 Series EasyPick can be fitted to carry up to eight people for harvesting, transplanting, weeding and more. Optional four-wheel drive.

Oxbo Int’l

The Korvan 7420 is a four-wheel drive, over-the-row berry harvester with a 60-inch tunnel, two separate cleaning fans and a moveable rear deck.

Peach Ridge Orchard

Peach Ridge Orchard Supply is a source for picking bags and buckets, replacements straps, ladders, refractometers, sizers, produce knives and more.

Pik Rite, Inc.

Pik Rite offers a wide variety of specialized vegetable harvesters for cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, chili peppers and vine crops.

Putnam Plastics, Inc.

Putnam Plastics provides an assortment of boxes and baskets for the berry harvest.

R&H Machine, Inc.

Manufacturer of long-wearing chrome alloy sprockets and rolling stock that promote a longer chain life on many types of harvesters.

Scythe Supply

The European scythe can be used under fences, for garden trimming, small fields, orchards, cover crops and much more.

Stokes Ladders, Inc.

The Tripod Orchard Ladder features extra-deep, slip-resistant steps and shoulder pads for comfort and safety along with a wider stance for stability.

Strathmore Ladder Co.

Aluminum ladders are available in many models and configurations, including the Super-Duty Tripod orchard ladders and straight citrus ladders.

Tallman Ladders

Tripod orchard ladders built of lightweight tempered aluminum. Heights range from 4 to 16 feet tall and weights from 14 to 39 pounds.

Thomas E. Moore, Inc.

Offering a complete line of potato harvesting equipment as well as stocks, chain, sprockets, rollers, bearings and other equipment parts.

Thunderbird Plastics

Manufacturer of industrial-quality harvest lugs, berry flats, farm trays, fresh market totes and other plastic, reusable containers used for harvesting.


The one-row cabbage harvester features a three-point hitch attachment, adjustable cutting height and soft, rubber-covered conveyor belt.

U.S. Small Farm Equip.

Offers three-point mounted and pull-type one-row potato diggers with a sweet potato option. Both models have hydraulically driven chains.

Willsie Equipment Sales

The Multi Purpose Digger is used with any root crop. Standard width is 25 inches with a 3-foot bed. Custom widths and lengths available.

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