Agrisel USA, Inc.

Acephate PRO insecticides are multipurpose, broad-spectrum insecticides that control over 125 different insects with 75, 90 and 97 percent formulations.

ARBICO Organics

NemAttack attacks borers, fungus gnats, weevils and other pests in sandy and disturbed soils. Pests are destroyed from the inside out without chemicals.

BASF Agricultural

Regent insecticide helps protect potato seed pieces and tubers from wireworm damage. Use as an alternative to manage potential wireworm resistance.

Biobest Canada

Biological control organisms, such as predators, parasites and nematodes, for fighting aphids, thrips, spider mites and other pests.

Bird Gard

The Super Pro PA4 repels birds by broadcasting low-frequency sounds every six seconds. Covers a 6-acre swath with four speakers.


Ecotec is a broad-spectrum pesticide derived from food- grade botanical oils. It calls on natural defense mechanisms and is OMRI-certified.

Dubois Agrinovation, Inc.

Anti-insect net screen, made of high-density polyethylene, protects fruit and vegetables from pests and weather damage without having a thermal effect.

FMC Corp.

Beleaf insecticide controls piercing, sucking insects, including aphids and plant bugs, that impact the yield of leafy and fruiting vegetables.

The Green Spot

The Green Spot is a national supplier of bio-control agents and IPM supplies.

Hot Pepper Wax, Inc.

Animal and insect repellents with a wax base that disrupts the life cycle of many soft-bodied insects and also ensures the product stays on plants.


Biological control programs that use beneficial insects as an alternative to chemical pesticides. For a range of pests, from aphids to whiteflies.

Koppert Biological

Offering a line of insects used for biological pest control, from common greenhouse pests to fly controls and soil-dwelling grubs.

The Liquid Fence Co.

Liquid Fence animal repellents stop deer and rabbits from eating plants, trees and vines. All-natural and rain-resistant.

Meyer Industries

The Rodenator delivers an underground shockwave to tunnels and dens of burrowing animals. Exterminates and collapses tunnels to prevent re-infestation.

Monterey Lawn & Garden

Sluggo AG is a pallet snail and slug bait based on iron phosphate. Registered for vegetable crops, fruit trees, citrus and berries.

NaEx Corp.

Dragonfire-CPP is an organic, liquid control for root and leaf-invading nematodes. Ontrol is a natural, liquid control for nematodes and certain plant insects.

North Country Organics

Manufacturing and distributing a range of environmentally compatible pest controls for deer, Japanese beetles, Colorado potato beetles and more.

OceanGrown, Inc.

AmerOyl bio-pesticide is made from natural, non-persistent plant oils that effectively kill insects without compromising the environment.

Ohio Earth Food, Inc.

Powdered and liquid organic controls with diatomaceous earth, rotenone, Bt, pyrethrum, neem, spinosad and other active ingredients.

Organic Control, Inc.

A source for organic products and beneficial insects for managing pests. Use as an alternative to chemicals.

Preferred Products, Inc.

Chase repellent protects against damaging moles, gophers and voles. Available in up to 330-gallon liquid containers or 600-pound granular containers.

Soil Technologies Corp.

Garlic Gard is an insect repellent spray that repels a variety of crawling and flying insects when applied to foliage. Effective for up to a month.

Spectrum Technologies

The IPM Scope and Digital IPM Camera aids in identifying and tracking plant pest and disease pressures. Magnifies images from 40x to 140x.

Tree World Plant Care

Granular Plantskydd is an OMRI-listed rabbit, vole, chipmunk, squirrel and other small critter repellent. Comes in 1, 3, 7 and 20-pound sizes.

Vandermolen Corp.

The 484 BUGKIL is a stainless steel insect electrocutor suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It has an attraction coverage area of up to 1.5 acres.

Wildlife Control Technology, Inc.

Bird and animal damage control products, including netting, noisemakers and reflective tape.