The Asta Drip is a pressure-compensating emitter on a spike. It comes in three color-coded flow rates: .5, 1 and 2 GPH. An insect baffle minimizes blockages.


The NanoCourier transmitter is available with spread spectrum or satellite telemetry. The data can be transmitted to a computer or be made available via the Internet.

Banjo Corp.

Micro poly ball valves come in .25 and 3/8-inch sizes. They are made from fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene with a maximum pressure rating of 150 PSI.

Big Sprinkler irrigation carts are a low-cost option for irrigating large acreages for vegetable and fruit production, with flow ranges from 5 to 500 GPM and five models.

Bio S.I. Technology

Supplies a microbial inoculant that helps produce plants that are more resistant to the effects of drought while using 10 to 20 percent less water.

Cadman Power

Hard hose travelers come in over 30 models, with inside diameters from 1.1 to 5 inches. They are efficient, economical and easy to use.

Chlorinators, Inc.

The Regal gas chlorinator provides a consistent chlorine residual. The all-vacuum system virtually eliminates the possibility of gas leaks. Easy to maintain.


Water-powered fertilizer injectors provide the right amount of nutrients and compensate for flow and pressure changes. In 11, 14, 20, 40 and 100 GPM models.


The VitroClean glass filter media is a replacement for silica sand and other material in media filters. It filters finer than sand with 20 percent less media required.


T-Tape drip line works well for row crops or raised beds. It provides benefits of even water distribution, lower pumping costs, water savings and easy installation.


The TH300 Big Stick portable soil moisture probe works well in a variety of soils. Soil water content can be measured, stored in memory and later output to a PC.


The WP-1000 water pump features a die-cast aluminum housing, 21.2cc engine with Pro-Fire electronic ignition and discharge rate of up to 28 GPM.

Ecologel Solutions

Hydretain captures individual water molecules and condenses them into usable water droplets that are passed along to the roots of crops. Helps minimize drought stress.


WH15 and WH20 pumps offer high pressure with a lower flow, cast-iron impellers, discharge capacities of 115 and 134 GPM and a direct drive system.


Specializing in Web-based irrigation management, with patented technologies based on measuring real plant needs for optimum management.


Soil Solution Access Tubes are designed to easily extract soil water samples and provide an accurate method of determining salinity or plant nutrient levels.


The ditch plow works well for digging irrigation and drainage ditches. The standard model digs a ditch 10 inches deep and 16 inches wide.


The Water-Reel is portable, allowing for irrigation of multiple locations with a single machine. Water can be applied at various depths for different crop requirements.


The IDKT has a 120-degree spray angle featuring two fans, angled 30 degrees forward and 30 degrees backward, to improve penetration and coverage.

Mazzei Injector Co.

The InjectorSelector is a Web-based calculator that allows users to select the right Mazzei injector for chemical injection applications, providing a range of options.


The WMR water meter is a small unit with a wide passage that produces full pipe flow measurements and is very accurate over a wide range of flows.


The IC Pump Station provides complete water pump pressure control for use with on-off or variable-speed pumping. Safety shutoffs prevent pump damage.

Reelcraft Industries

The self-contained hose reel trailer is designed for applications requiring up to 100 feet of hose. The trailer bed also offers additional space for tool trays and more.

Reinke Mfg.

The flexible three-wheel tower provides improved flotation and traction. The tires stay on the ground at all times, placing a more consistent load on the drivetrain.

Senninger Irrigation

Pressure regulators limit pressure variations in irrigation systems that can alter emitter flow or sprinkler uniformity. They are 100 percent water-tested for accuracy.


The GP344 pump features a 34cc Hybrid 4 engine that offers lower emissions. It discharges at a rate of up to 34 GPM with a maximum suction lift of 26.25 feet.

Shur Farms Frost Protection

The Cold Air Drain can be used to replace sprinklers or delay their start-up. Powered by tractor PTO, Honda engine or electric motor. Auto start feature available.

Solutions USA

Line Blaster cleans and removes blockages in irrigation systems, even if they are completely plugged. Inject 1 gallon per 6,000 gallons of irrigation water.

Spectrum Technologies

The WatchDog 1000 Series soil moisture station allows users to monitor, compare and evaluate soil moisture at multiple levels in the rootzone with one station.


Offers AFT trenchers in a variety of models to trench from 1 to 12 inches wide and up to 63 inches deep. With chain and wheel options and conveyor cleanup system.


The high-pressure pump is powered by a 6 hp Subaru EX17 engine and offers a lift height of up to 275 feet and maximum delivery volume of 127 GPM.

Turf Teq

Self-propelled, walk-behind trenchers can trench up to 7 inches deep and up to 5 inches wide. They feature a 13 hp Honda engine and hydrostatic transmission.

Valley Irrigation

Pivot Cruise Control software allows growers to program a center pivot irrigation machine equipped with a Pro2 control panel to automatically adjust its speed.


Wilger provides spray nozzles, nozzle bodies, a computerized sprayer calibrator and spray boom wireless remote shutoff.