Agra Tech

The Agra Tunnel is a field cover that can provide acres of field crop protection from the elements, including sun, wind and frost. Wide range of options.


The AgroFabric System provides essential freeze and frost protection for vegetables, nursery stock, strawberries and more. With a reinforced blue-green seam.

Alternative Heating of North America

Vigas wood gasification boilers decrease fuel consumption compared to standard boilers with a three-phase gasification process.


Offers outdoor wood boilers with reduced emissions and a coal-burning unit. Available in sheltered and non-sheltered models, with 409 stainless steel and round firebox.

Atlas Mfg.

Manufactures a large selection of greenhouse structures and complementary accessories, including freestanding, gutter-connect and cold frames/high tunnels.

Beaver Plastics

Hortiblock trays are used for commercial production of vegetable transplants. Sealed surface technology prevents root penetration into the tray’s cell walls.


The HAF18 circulation fan has an enclosed, 1/15 hp ball bearing motor and aluminum fan blades. The guard features a white powder-coat finish for durability.

Central Boiler

The E-Classic 2400 outdoor wood gasification furnace features a three-stage combustion process that significantly reduces particulate emissions.

Cravo Equip.

Designs, engineers and manufactures a wide range of retractable-roof greenhouses and shade structures for a variety of growing applications.

Delta T Solutions

The SD EPDM rubber tube hot water heating system brings warm, moist heat to soil and roots for growing potted material on benches.

DIG Corp.

The EXL 500 is a low-flow fogger that produces micro-sized droplets. Interchangeable nozzles maximize the cooling and humidifying options.

Gothic Arch Greenhouses

AT-Greenhouses include a wide range, from simple to completely automated units. They are designed to be used in any type of climate or cultivation.


Stone wool substrates provide a growing medium that is clean, sterile, sustainable and reusable. It allows for efficient use of water and nutrients.

Growers Supply

Pro Solar Star greenhouses have 6-foot high sidewalls and come in 20, 24, 30 and 35-foot widths. Made with a durable, roll-formed, galvanized steel frame.

Growing Systems

The Vandana tubeless seeder is easy to operate and requires little maintenance. Custom-made templates for seeds from raw begonia to watermelon.


Haygrove tunnels include 200-foot Solo kits for small growers, as well as multibay tunnels that can be used to protect .5 acre to 100 acres or more.


Complete supplier to the greenhouse vegetable industry for over 35 years, with beneficial insects, greenhouse packages, greenhouse vegetable seeds and more.


Vertical hydroponic growing units use only 14 square inches of space, come with a lifetime warranty and can be used in multiple-stack configurations.

Klerks Hyplast

KoolLite Plus greenhouse film now has better PAR light transmission to go along with reducing daytime heat buildup and nighttime heat saving.

Natural Forces

Bugitol is a broad-spectrum, foliar-applied biopesticide and repellent with two modes of action to give immediate and residual control of mites, insects and fungi.

Omni Structures International

Omni’s cold frame and freestanding greenhouses are offered with an assortment of endwall and covering options.


Manufactures commercial and retail greenhouses as well as plant display and shade systems for your growing business.

Richfield Industries

The heavy-duty garden utility cart features an 8-cubic-foot, 300-pound capacity and a .25-inch thick tub.

Rimol Greenhouse Systems

Nor’Easter greenhouses are freestanding and designed to withstand heavy snow loads. Available in 30 and 34-foot widths with 4 and 5-foot bow spacing.


The VT20PA Plant-Air 20-inch circulation fan offers low noise levels, totally enclosed motor and heavy-duty, statically balanced aluminum blades.

Seed E-Z Seeder

Vacuum seeder seed plugs and cell packs; plates are available for single seeding, double seeding or cluster. Average rate is three to five flats per minute.


The Grow It Organic Growers greenhouse features all-steel frame construction and a breathable mesh fabric polyethylene cover that blocks UVA and UVB rays.


The Stuppy Rainbow Plus provides growing space from 1,000 to 1 million square feet, with all-aluminum gutters, rounded or peaked arch profiles and steel tubing.

Sunderman Mfg.

SunDair has over 40 years of experience building heaters for greenhouses and nurseries. Oil and gas-fired units for overhead or under-bench installations.


Designs and sells drip, spray, sprinkler and fogging systems for most greenhouse operations, all over the country.

Van Wingerden

Products include bowed and peaked double poly houses, peaked tempered glass and polycarbonate houses, retractable-roof and open-roof structures and benching systems.


Offers vertical growing towers for strawberries and vegetables, allowing the capacity for up to 100,000 plants per acre.

Wadsworth Control Systems

The miniStep features one stage of heating and three stages of cooling, with day and night set point periods. Continuously lit LCD screen and sensor calibration.

Walker Bros.

High tunnels and greenhouses built for strength. Schedule 40 galvanized steel pipe is used for durability.

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