A-V International

A-V Lifetime Bench Systems utilize fiberglass frames with UV-protected polypropylene bench tops. Available in single or multi-tier displays and rolling benches.

Bartlett Bench & Wire

The Freedom Greenhouse is a self-contained, solar-powered greenhouse featuring automatic ventilation and optional Q-Wick benches for automatic watering.


Offering a complete line of marking tape, marking paint and more for greenhouses and market center, as well as chemical posting signs and inverted paints.

Blackmore Co., Inc.

Blackmore offers colored tag dividers for automatic tagging equipment that speeds up and simplifies tagging of flats for smaller operations.

Canarm Ltd.

The HAF18 circulation fan has a 1/15 hp enclosed ball bearing motor and aluminum fan blades. Mounting system allows airflow to be directed up, down and side-to-side.

Central Boiler

Central Boiler manufactures a complete line of outdoor furnaces for heating buildings and water with wood, wood pellets or corn.

Cravo Equipment Ltd.

Cravo designs, engineers and manufactures a wide range of retractable-roof greenhouses, shade structures and outdoor shopping structures.

Fogco Systems, Inc.

The Fogco Revolution high-pressure fog system integrates a 360-degree vented horizontal air- stream into the fog to cover up to 10,000 cubic feet.

Gothic Arch Greenhouses

Providing frames, coverings, equipment and supplies for commercial, institutional and hobby growers from glass houses to poly film cold frames.

Growers Supply

Pro Solar Star Greenhouses feature 6-foot high sidewalls; available in 30 and 35-foot widths in six lengths from 36 to 96 feet.

Growing Systems, Inc.

Manufacturing plastic propagating trays in many sizes and various designs. Also offering seeding machines, plug dislodgers and travelling irrigators.

Harnois Industries, Inc.

Harnois’ TunnelPro connected tunnels are available in 28 or 31-foot widths; ridge height is 13 feet. Units are equipped with sliding doors.

Haygrove, Inc.

Haygrove’s new 25-foot-by-200-foot Super Solo tunnel features wide roll-up doors, 9-foot high venting and Luminance THB poly.

Honda Power Equipment

Honda WH15 and WH20 high-pressure pumps feature 118cc and 163cc OHV engines and offer 115 and 134 GPM discharge capacities, respectively.

Hydro-Stacker LLC

Vertical hydroponic growing units use only 14 square inches of space, come with a lifetime warranty and can be use in multiple-stack configurations.

Hyplast NV

Offering a wide range of co-extruded greenhouse films (up to seven layers) with properties such as diffusion, anti-fogging, UV-blocking, anti-dust and more.

Jaybird Mfg., Inc.

Aquafog Turbo XE atomizing fan units handle a variety of indoor and outdoor humidification or evaporative cooling applications with nozzle-free fans.

Midwest Trading Horticultural Supplies, Inc.

VersaQuonsets are constructed of galvanized 1 3/8-inch OD, 16-gauge tubing or 1 5/8-inch OD, 15-gauge tubing for Pro-Line heavy-duty houses.

Monarch Mfg., Inc.

Monarch Mfg. offers a complete line of propagation containers and protective wraps; containers and wraps are 96 percent biodegradable.

Omni Structures Intl., Inc.

Omni Cold Frame Greenhouses are available in a variety of sizes, with a range of covers and accessories for commercial growers.

Poly-Tex, Inc.

Poly-Tex offers a full line of commercial and retail greenhouses, hobby greenhouses, displays, shade systems and accessories for a wide range of needs.

Reef Industries, Inc.

Griffolyn Greenhouse Covers are manufactured using a UV-stabilizing process to minimize solar deterioration. Four color choices available.

Rimol Greenhouse Systems

Nor’Easter greenhouses are free-standing and designed to withstand heavy snow loads. Available in 30 and 34-foot widths with 4 and 5-foot bow spacing.

Seed E-Z Seeder, Inc.

Vacuum seeder seed plugs and cell packs; plates are available for single seeding, double seeding or cluster. Average rate is three to five flats per minute.

Wadsworth Control Systems, Inc.

Manufacturing an extensive line of environmental controls, energy curtain systems and vent automation products for a wide range of greenhouse applications.

Walker Bros., Inc.

Walker Bros. offers a wide range of greenhouses and high tunnels using schedule 40 galvanized pipe for most houses.