Low Pressure, Low Runoff

Nelson Irrigation Corp. offers its new Navy Plate for the A3000 Accelerator, designed for low-pressure “up-top” mounting of center pivot water application packages. As a low-pressure rotating sprinkler, the A3000 Accelerator produces a wider wetted pattern than spray heads resulting in better overlap and longer soak time to reduce runoff.

The A3000 Navy Plate operates at 10 PSI. Expect long wear life because unlike impact sprinklers, where the seals and bearing are exposed to water quality and pressure, the A3000’s seals and thrust bearing are protected.

The A3000 Accelerator features a quick-change, color-coded plastic nozzle. The new Navy Plate for the A3000 operates through a full nozzle range without having to change sprinkler models.


Keeping Accurate Track

Zonar‘s new ZTrak reduces liability of sensitive cargo, aids recovery of missing equipment and helps asset managers coordinate logistics and track the locations of valuable material.

Zonar – provider of GPS tracking, electronic RFID fleet inspection and Web-based fleet management systems – developed ZTrak for tracking a wide variety of assets, including construction equipment, shipping containers, trailers, rental equipment, high-security items and more.

Designed with sensitive internal antennas broadcasting on both cellular GSM and 50-channel GPS communication, ZTrak provides accurate location data in a one-location-per-day cycle. The tracking unit is sealed within a rugged enclosure designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments. ZTrak also features an extended battery life of over five years, which can be extended to over 10 years.

Companies monitor asset locations through Zonar’s Ground Traffic Control, a Web-based asset management portal.


Dosatron Introduces D8R Fertilizer Injector

Dosatron International, Inc. introduces its new 40 GPM – D8R fertilizer injector.

The new 40 GPM – D8R offers improved chemical resistant housing, enhanced UV resistance, allows injection of corrosive chemicals and features easy-to-adjust injection rates and easy-to read graduated scales.

The D8R can inject fertilizers, pesticides and caustic chemicals accurately with a flow rate of 2.2 to 40 GPM, an injection ratio of 1:500 to 1:50, and a pressure range of 2 to 110 PSI.


New Copper Control

MasterCop fungicide/bactericide, from MANA Crop Protection, has received approval by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its new copper complex formulation of copper sulfate pentahydrate, for the control of bacterial and fungal diseases on citrus, vegetables, tree nuts, small fruits, vines and field crops.

MasterCop’s formulation allows for targeted rates of copper to be delivered efficiently and effectively for broad-spectrum disease management. With BioRetain technology as a key component of its formulation, MasterCop’s penetration into the plant cuticle improves performance per pound of active ingredient. MasterCop’s formulation prohibits copper within its solution from settling; extends the product shelf life; reduces nozzle wear; and provides more accurate spray coverage at time of application.

The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is currently evaluating MasterCop regarding formulation qualities and benefits specific to this topic. MANA Crop Protection anticipates OMRI certification in 2013.


Reel It In

Reelcraft‘s new Series CT hose reels store longer lengths of high-pressure wash hose. These reels feature a balanced brass swivel and brake assembly attached to the main shaft, eliminating de-spooling when reel is not in use.

The inlet hose connects to the swivel through the tubular base. The reel is powder-coated at the component level for maximum corrosion resistance. Reels are available for up to 100 feet of 5,000 PSI hose.