New Harvesting Bucket Washer

Kennco Mfg., Inc. has released its new Harvesting Bucket Washer for vegetable growers and packers. This machine quickly and effectively cleans and sanitizes the inside and outside of harvesting and picking buckets.

The Harvesting Bucket Washer will wash approximately 120 harvesting buckets in an hour. The washer has specially designed brushes to wash the inside and outside of the bucket. Using the variable brush timers, the user can adjust the amount of time for each brush cycle depending on the condition of the buckets. The user places up to 30 dirty buckets in the presoak tank, and to clean the bucket they place one bucket over the brush trigger to engage the brushes. Once the brushes stop, the user places the bucket in the next brush chamber to clean the outside of the bucket. After the bucket has been washed, they will place the bucket on the conveyor to pass through the rinse chamber, and then they remove their clean bucket.

It is easily moved with a forklift and can be used in any location with a power and water source.

Get Up to Speed on Organic Orchard Fruits

Regardless of the reason for going organic, growing organically encompasses a significant body of knowledge. Storey’s Guide to Growing Organic Orchard Fruits, by scientist and horticulturalist Danny L. Barney, addresses everything the commercial organic orchardist needs to know: how to meet organic standards and acquire certifications; how to select the right site and the right cultivars; how to design, maintain, prune and harvest an orchard; and how to get fruits to market and deal with the business end of farming.

Operating a successful orchard requires an integrated business plan incorporating those organic growing practices with sound planning, production, financial and marketing advice.

Author Danny L. Barney is a professor of horticulture and an extension specialist at the University of Idaho. His hands-on research and production experience includes apples, sweet and tart cherries, peaches, pears, plums, and small fruits and berries.