New Members Takes Seats on N.J. State Board

Left to right: Robert Matarazzo, Henry DuBois, Andrew Borisuk and Noble McNaughton

Andrew Borisuk Jr. and Henry D. DuBois Jr. have been sworn in as the two newest members of the New Jersey State Board of Agriculture. Borisuk, the owner of Glendrew Farms in Vernon Township, raises 125 acres of corn on 250 acres.‡DuBois operates a 4,000-acre vegetable, grain and hay farm in Pittsgrove Township. In addition, Noble F. McNaughton, a nursery owner from Tabernacle, was elected to serve as president of the board, and Robert Matarazzo, a wine maker and fruit grower from Belvidere, was selected as vice president.

The eight-member board is the policy-making body of the New Jersey Department of Agriculture. Its members serve for four years, with two members being replaced each year. By law, at least four of its members must represent the top commodity groups in the state.‡Members serve without salary, but may be reimbursed for expenses.