Barwacz Farms

Barwacz Farms offers a selection of blueberries, including the Liberty and the late-ripening Aurora that produces large, firm berries.

Bejo Seeds

Patterson is a medium-sized onion with long storage potential, golden-bronze globes, and an erect top and tight neck that discourage internal decay.

Bottoms Nursery

Grows a variety of small fruit plants, including muscadines, blueberries, blackberries, figs, raspberries and fruit trees.

Bramble Berry Farm

Providing grapevines and berry plants: blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, dewberry, elderberry, gooseberry and boysenberry.

Clifton Seed

The El Hombre is a hot pepper variety that produces early, high yields of cayenne peppers via vigorous plants that provide notable leaf cover.

Condor Seed Production

The Red Titan F1 beet matures in 60 days and has a fully erect growth habit and dark red, top-shaped roots with high sugar content and no internal zoning.

Cutter Asparagus Seed

Cutter Asparagus Seed produces and sells four varieties of asparagus: UC 157 F1, DePaoli F1, Ida Lea F1 and Sweet Purple.

De Bruyn Seed Co.

Offers an extensive line of heirloom vegetable seeds, as well as a large selection of seed potatoes, rhubarb, garlic, asparagus roots, shallots and more.

DeGrandchamp Farms

In business for 51 years, DeGrandchamp produces over 30 varieties of virus-tested northern highbush, half-high and lowbush blueberries.


Doyle’s Thornless Blackberry produces 10 to 20 gallons of berries per plant, bearing over a four to six-week period. Grows in zones three through 10.

DP Seeds

Early Scream is an F1 hybrid pumpkin with orange to dark orange skin, oval shape, moderate ribbing and dark handle. Tolerance to powdery mildew 1 and 2.

Earl May Seed & Nursery

For over 90 years, Earl May has provided a wide range of vegetable, fruit, herb and flower seeds, with new varieties introduced through AAS and NGB.

England’s Orchard & Nursery

Specializes in exotic fruit and nut trees, offering the latest plant material for zones five through eight.

Fedco Seeds

Offers untreated vegetable, herb and flower seed; organic seedlings; cover crops; fruit trees; berry bushes; perennials; bulbs; seed potatoes; and more.

Harris Moran Seed Co.

Smooth and dark green, Karisma is a large to extra-large, four-lobed, uniform bell pepper, with good plant type and cover to provide extended harvest.

Hartmann’s Plant Co.

Hartmann’s Plant Company is a nursery grower and supplier that specializes in blueberry, raspberry and other small fruit plants.


Creates hybrid tomato seed for the global tomato processing industry, guided by more than 50 years of breeding experience.

Hilltop Fruit Trees

Serving commercial growers for 100 years with nursery stock including apple, peach, cherry, pear, nectarine, plum and flowering crabapple trees.

Hollar Seeds

Sorbet is a midsized seedless watermelon that matures in about 80 days. Medium green exterior with narrow dark green stripes; bright cherry red flesh.


Greenhouse vegetable seeds for tomato, cucumber, pepper and lettuce, including the DeRuiter line of hybrid tomato and European cucumber seed.

Irish Eyes Garden Seeds

Offers organic seed potatoes, organic garlic, organic vegetable seeds, heirloom varieties and grower supplies.

Jersey Asparagus Farms

Provides asparagus seed and crowns, with varieties like Jersey Knight and Jersey Supreme, as well as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and more.

Ken M. Spooner Farms

Offering wholesale raspberry plants for fruit production since 1955. Nursery stock is grown on fumigated land under a virus-free control system.

Kietzer Farms

With 17 acres of greenhouse space, Kietzer Farms supplies vegetable transplants.

Krohne Plant Farms

Specializing in northern-grown, June-bearing and ever-bearing strawberry plants. Also offers asparagus plants in standard and all-male hybrid varieties.

Meyer Seed Co.

Full-line distributor of vegetable seeds, including beans, beets, carrots, corn, herbs, kale, lettuce, melons, okra, peas, pumpkin, radishes, squash and more.

Moser Fruit Tree Sales

A full line of fruit trees is available, with FastFruitTree technology to save tree varieties and small-quantity custom budding.


Silver Moon is a hybrid F1 Australian pumpkin with dark orange flesh and tolerance to zucchini yellow mosaic virus and powdery mildew.

Outstanding Seed Co.

Breeds, produces and markets non-GMO, untreated, disease-resistant hybrid pumpkins, squash, gourds and melons.

Reed’s Seeds

SuperStar is a midseason, fancy, dark green, fresh-market cabbage. Solid with a good disease package, it is adapted for growth in different regions.

Rispens Seeds

Rispens Seeds supplies commercial growers with vegetable seeds. Representing Rogers, Harris Moran and other worldwide suppliers.

Rohrer Seeds

Since 1919, Rohrer has offered a full line of vegetable and flower seeds, packaging its own seeds to provide any quantity needed.

Rupp Seeds

Serving growers for over 63 years with seeds from asparagus to zucchini, with over 1,000 vegetable varieties from major vegetable breeders.

Sakata Seed America

Atlantis is a new eastern melon featuring a round oval shape, firm interior and consistently high sugar content. Use as a shipper or farm market variety.

Schlabach’s Nursery

Offers retail and wholesale fruit trees, grapes and berries. Specializing in hardy and disease-resistant cultivars.


Full-line distributor of commercial vegetable seed with experienced, knowledgeable salespeople focused on high-yielding, quality varieties.

Siegers Seed Co.

Independent seed supplier to commercial vegetable growers in the eastern U.S. and Canada. Represents breeders and producers from all over the world.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Heirloom and organic vegetable, flower and herb seeds from a worker-owned cooperative focused on varieties well-suited to the mid-Atlantic and Southeast.

Stark Bros.

Sells bare-root and potted 7-gallon fruit trees, with 4.5-inch citrus trees, as well as a selection of small fruits like blackberries, raspberries and blueberries.

Stokes’ Blueberry Farms & Nursery

Family-owned and operated since 1978, providing disease-free blueberry plants. Northern highbush blueberry plants in various sizes and varieties.

Stokes Seeds

Supplier of high-quality vegetable seed since 1881, with a team of professionals who research and evaluate trials year-round

Syngenta Seeds

Rogers brand seeds include beans, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, melons, peas, peppers, spinach, squash, sweet corn, tomatoes and watermelons.

Thomas E. Moore

Providing quality produce and seed for over 85 years. Specializes in all varieties of seed potatoes, drawing from growing areas in the U.S. and Canada.

Thompson & Morgan

Quality English seeds since 1855, with over 1,700 vegetables and flowers, all GMO-free. Offering 50 new varieties for 2010.

US Agriseeds

Offers cucumber slicers, saladette and fresh-market tomatoes, squash, watermelon, eggplant, lettuce and hot peppers such as anchos, jalapenos and serranos.

Van Well Nursery

Patented apple varieties include Gale Gala, Red Jonaprince, Auvil Early Fuji, Redfield Red Braeburn, and Adams Apple and Scarlet Spur II Red Delicious.

Willhite Seed

Over 55 varieties of watermelon seed. Red, orange and yellow-fleshed melons available. Choose from hybrid and open-pollinated seeds.