Northwest Tillers

The orchard floor management tiller incorporates up to 2 to 6 inches of pruning into the soil and will also get rid of the berm that accumulates between tree rows.

Orchard Machinery

The OMC Magnum Shock Wave Mono Boom is a universal tree shaker featuring a 130 hp turbocharged Cummins diesel engine and a 24-inch clamp opening.

Pacific Distributing

The Orchard-Rite Monoboom tree shaker is used for traditional plantings, while the Bullet down-the-row shaker is used for close plantings.

Ubly Peanut Blade Mfg.

Ubly peanut blades and lifting fingers are made of steel. The blades are hard-surfaced with a mirror-smooth finish, enabling the dirt to slip off.

Weldcraft Industries

Weldcraft Industries offers a full line of side-by-side fruit and nut harvesters for almonds, pistachios, prunes and walnuts. Pruning towers are also available.

Savage Equipment

The Savage Vision II pecan sorter uses high-resolution color cameras and reliable electronics. The operator can easily adjust feed speed and removal sensitivity.