The Bag-A-Nut has patented wheels that grab nuts and eject them into a basket, saving time and labor.

Coe Orchard Equip.

The S7 Side Mount Shaker features a 135 hp John Deere engine, hydrostatic transmission and optional pressurized, air-conditioned cab.

Exact Crop Harvesting Sys.

The Exact Sweeper uses a small, targeted jet of air focused on the edge of the brush. It is available with a second radial brush, extending the closing head reach to 8 feet.


The JackRabbit Elevator trombone-slide incline conveyor fills high-side doubles or low-side bobtails and has a two-belt system and horizontal belt speed control.

Kingsburg Cultivator

Nut harvesting equipment includes shuttle carts with front or rear discharge doors, nut carts with a stick removal system and conveyors.

Orchard Machinery Co.

The OMC Magnum Shock Wave Mono Boom is a universal tree shaker featuring a 130 hp turbocharged Cummins diesel engine and a 24-inch clamp opening.

Pacific Distributing

Orchard-Rite tree shakers include the Mono Boom for traditional plantings and the Bullet down-the-row shaker for close plantings.

Savage Equip.

Silverline products for pecan cleaning and processing include automated in-shell sorters, air-powered crackers, shellers, meat sizers, blowers and more.

Schieler Harvester

The 180-degree Bin Inverter rotates completely upside down and has interchangeable hook plates and removable, adjustable bin clamps.

Swanson Timber

Supplies treated and untreated, round and square wood stakes, including stakes for walnuts, pistachios, almonds and more.

Titan Mfg.

Offers aftermarket replacement parts for nut harvesting equipment, including custom conveyor chains, belts, rollers and drives.

Ubly Peanut Blade Mfg.

Ubly peanut digger blades cut taproots, dig at ideal depth and are hardfaced with a mirror-smooth finish. Blades come in widths of 42 and 46 inches.

Weldcraft Industries

Weldcraft Industries offers a full line of side-by-side fruit and nut harvesters for almonds, pistachios, prunes and walnuts. Pruning towers are also available.

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