The Bag-A-Nut is designed to harvest many types of nuts, including pecans. The wheels grab and eject nuts into a basket.


The Exact Sweeper uses a small, targeted jet of air focused on the edge of the brush. It is available with a second radial brush, extending the closing head reach to 8 feet.

Gillison’s Variety Fabrication, Inc.

The GVF Double Sickle Bar Pecan Hedger handles large pecan trees; the new Magnum Cutting Head has 30 percent greater cutting capability.


The JackRabbit Elevator trombone-slide incline conveyor fills high-side doubles or low -side bobtails and has a two-belt system and horizontal belt speed control.

Orchard Machinery Co.

The OMC Magnum Shock Wave Mono Boom is a universal tree shaker featuring a 130 hp turbocharged Cummins diesel engine and a 24-inch clamp opening.

Savage Equipment, Inc.

A full line of pecan and nut processing equipment, including the Savage Silverline pecan processor, elevators, shellers, vacuum separators and packaging stations.

Schieler Harvester

The Schieler Almond Harvester features a catching frame; a stick remover; and an adjustable windrow rear dispenser. It also handles pistachios, prunes and more.

Titan Mfg.

Titan manufactures aftermarket replacement parts for nut harvesting equipment. Titan also offers tractor-mount, PTO-driven single and dual-sided blowers. 


Ubly Peanut Blade Mfg., Inc.

Ubly peanut digger blades cut taproots, dig at ideal depth and are hardfaced with a mirror-smooth finish. Blades come in widths of 42 and 46 inches.

Weldcraft Industries, Inc.

Weldcraft Industries offers a full line of side-by-side fruit and nut harvesters for almonds, pistachios, prunes and walnuts. Pruning towers are also available.