A1 Mist Sprayers Resources

Offers mist/air blast sprayers for foliar fertilizer, fungicide, insect control and herbicide applications for the fruit and vegetable industry. High and low-volume mist sprayers create smaller mist size particles in a 0 to 140-foot airstream that stays low to the ground for uniform coverage. The three-point PTO-driven Terminator mist sprayer features a 60-gallon poly tank, six-roller pump, bypass agitation, pressure regulator and glycerin-filled pressure gauge. It has a 2-by-8-inch hydraulic cylinder for 210-degree fan/volute rotation.



The Pecan Harvester picks up pecans of all sizes, as well as almonds. It allows operators to easily harvest pecans from the ground, without bending over or getting on their hands and knees. The Pick-Up model has a basket that you lift out of the machine, so you can dump the nuts wherever you prefer. Other models of the pecan harvester are available.


Brewt Power Systems

Offers Campagnola pneumatic and electronic pruning shears, loppers and chain saws. The Model Star 50 is the most powerful shear in the Campagnola line. The shear cuts tree limbs up to 2.25 inches thick with only a light touch of the trigger – often eliminating the need for a chain saw. It is available in a hand-held model and with extensions from 1 foot 8 inches to 8 feet 3 inches.



The high-performance forged orchard loppers series features the Dual Arc bypass blade design that increases cutting power and performance. Lightweight, high-strength elliptical aluminum handles reduce shoulder and upper body fatigue.



The PPT-265H Power Pruner features an ergonomic trimmer-style handle with rubber over-mold for more comfort, as well as a 25.4cc Power Boost Vortex engine, i-30 technology to reduce starting effort by 30 percent, a 146-inch shaft (when extended), a 12-inch Oregon Intenz bar with side-access chain tensioning, a durable gear case cover, an adjustable automatic oiler system and a branch extractor.


Fanno Saw Works

Fanno Saw has been designing and building quality cutting tools in the U.S. for over 91 years. The #RF-05 extended-reach, lance-tooth handsaw allows users to do the majority of their pruning from the ground. It has a 30-inch laminated hardwood handle and 16-inch, heavy-gauge steel blade with five and a half points per inch.


Fred Marvin Associates

Manufactures pole pruners, pole saws, handsaws, loppers and hand shears, as well as wood and fiberglass extension poles, to meet all pruning needs.


Gillison’s Variety Fabrication

GVF hedgers can hedge, top or skirt cherries, pears, peaches, olives, apples, nut trees, citrus, lychee, longan and more. They feature heavy tubular steel construction with a rigid tractor mount, electric/hydraulic controls, self-contained hydraulic system, standard hydraulic breakaway protection, dual sickle drive system and cutter bars from 2 to 15 feet. Cutting heads can be set alongside the tractor for transport. Cut limbs up to 1.5 inches in diameter.


Globe Bag Co.

Offers farm market packaging, pick-your-own supplies and growers wholesale packaging. Custom prints are available on small orders.


Green Hoe Co.

The brush rake attachment for the Green Hoe can be used for removing trimmings out from under trellises.


Growers Supply

Aero Soft Grow Containers aerate the soil to prevent plant damage, allowing plants to grow a healthy root system. Ideal for commercial tree growers and orchards, these containers provide the benefit of having the bulk of harvested trees’ roots intact and well-branched. They are made from a porous, yet sturdy fabric that allows better heat dissipation and excess water evaporation than plastic, ceramic and clay pots. The containers fold flat for easy storage and are reusable.



The Big Mouth Pruner has a 1.75-inch hook opening. A raised hook edge reduces blade drag, and an enhanced spring offers consistent blade retraction for smoother cutting action.


Orchard Valley Supply

The Cobra electronic shear is powered by a light lithium battery and carried in a backpack. It offers four cutting modes. At 100 percent automatic, the mobile blade reaches the maximum opening and then closes up automatically. At 70 percent automatic, the blade opens 70 percent to still reach thick branches while increasing cutting speed. The blade opens even less in 40 percent automatic mode. Proportional mode offers a progressive cut. The shear has a cutting capacity of 35 millimeters.


Packaging Corp.

Offers a full range of agricultural packaging products, including apple and peach boxes and interiors; roadside stand boxes; bags; hampers; stock and custom-printed waxed and dry boxes; die-cut containers; and more.


Peach Ridge

Peach Ridge Orchard Supply is a source for picking bags and buckets, replacement straps, ladders, sizers, produce knives, saws, pruners, grafting supplies, tree guards, harvest supplies, tree ties and trellis supplies.


Phil Brown Welding

The hydraulic work platform features two work stations that operate up/down and in/out independently of one another. Each platform will rise from 2 to 8 feet from ground level when mounted on the Box Shuttle. Fully collapsed, the unit is 68 inches wide. When fully extended, the platforms reach out 10 feet 8 inches edge to edge. The units feature rounded corners and no vertical supports on the platforms or rails, which means less damage to tree limbs and fruit.


Putnam Plastics

Provides a variety of packaging solutions for any season for roadside and farm markets, including plastic containers, bin liners, cider jugs, labels, wood baskets, fruit picking containers and paper, poly and mesh bags. Custom printing is available.


Stokes Ladders

Specializes in aluminum tripod ladders from 5 to 16 feet tall. Also offers straight citrus ladders from 10 to 22 feet tall. Ladders feature full 3-inch stepping with nonskid design, formed angle braces for greater strength, wide base for stability and reinforced bottom steps. The third leg on the tripod ladders pivots on wear-proof steel bushings and has a loose-fitting cradle to reduce wear. Citrus ladders are also available in fiberglass.


Strathmore Ladder Co.

Manufacturing orchard ladders of various types and sizes for over 75 years. Offers aluminum tripod and straight ladders as well as other types. The tripod orchard ladder is available in sizes from 6 to 14 feet, with custom sizes of less than 14 feet available by request. Ladder rails are a full 3 inches wide and have rounded edges. All stepping is a full 3 inches and has a nonskid design with extra wear ridges.


Superior Fruit Equip.

Hickok professional pruning loppers are made with strong alloy steel and an advanced heat-treating process. They come in overall lengths from 26 to 36 inches. Aluminum and hickory handles are available in lengths from 20 to 30 inches. The loppers are lightweight, ranging from 2.42 to 3.04 pounds.


Tallman Ladders

Building aluminum tripod orchard ladders since 1954. Ladders are designed for safety, usability and longevity. Each step is braced for maximum safety. They come in heights from 4 to 16 feet tall, and in base widths from 34.5 to 58 inches. The ladders feature slip-resistant steps and a heavy-duty tempered third leg.


Weed Badger

The Weed Badger Model 4400 is designed to fit the budget of small-acreage orchards. It mounts on tractors from 18 to 30 hp and is available as a tiller, mower-only machine, or as a combination tiller/mower. Add a variety of interchangeable, optional tools. The Posi-Depth feature continuously maintains accurate depth control as you cultivate, preventing root damage. Design elements built into the three-point frame allow the working head to float freely over the soil surface.