A&B Packing Equipment

The Speedy Evolution is a 10-scale, no-drop weigh-and-fill machine developed for delicate products like Rainier sweet cherries, mushrooms and more.

http://www.abpacking.com, 888-269-8234

Globe Bag Co.

Offers farm market packaging, pick-your-own supplies and growers’ wholesale packaging. Custom prints are available on small orders.

http://www.globebag.com, 800-892-2004

Lakewood Process Machinery

Volumetric and fill-by-weight clamshell fillers for any clamshell size between 4.4 ounces and 2.75 pounds. Tool-free adjustment when switching clamshell sizes.

http://www.lakewoodpm.com, 800-366-6705

Monte Package Co.

Greencoat boxes offer an eco-friendly packaging option with the durability of traditional waxed boxes. They are sturdy, reliable and recyclable.

http://www.montepkg.com, 269-849-1722

PCA Supply Services

A full range of corrugated and noncorrugated packaging items required to market and ship your apple, berry, fruit, melon, tomato and vegetable products.

http://www.packagingcorp.com, 800-791-2474


The earth-friendly KZ-2C is a two-compartment clamshell. Mix and match your berries or tomatoes. It is made of postconsumer PETE and is recyclable.

http://www.producepackaging.com, 610-588-7992

Putnam Plastics

Provides farm market and roadside packaging for any season. Products for strawberries include T-shirt bags, trays, baskets, buckets and clamshells.

http://www.putnamfarm.com, 800-457-3099

Rockford Package Supply

A full-service source for produce packaging: wholesale, retail, farmers’ markets and agritainment. Innovative, flexible and responsive solutions for all product needs.

http://www.rockfordpack.com, 800-444-7225

Tew Mfg.

The Model H includes a 4-foot receiver belt, washer, absorber and rotary table. Pack up to 100 bushels per hour with 16.5-inch model and 150 with 24.5-inch model.

http://www.tewmfg.com, 800-380-5839

Wellmaster Carts

Budget Carts measure 22 inches by 53 inches and are suitable for shipping a variety of products, including bedding plants, perennials and hanging baskets.

http://www.wellmaster.ca, 519-688-0500

Willsie Equipment Sales

The Strauss GUB Buncher with ElastiTag applicator applies the ElastiTag to asparagus and green onions. Leeks, celery and more can also be bunched with an ElastiTag.

http://www.willsie.com, 800-561-3025