A&B Packing Equip.

The Speedy Evolution is a 10-scale, no-drop, weigh-and-fill machine developed for delicate products like Rainier sweet cherries, mushrooms and more.


Bulk Bin Packaging

Wholesale packaging goods include 24 to 51-inch octagonal and Gaylord bins, edge protectors, bin pads, eco-friendly packaging, mesh bags and more.


Container Consulting Service

Products include pails, boxes, tape, pallet covers, labels, stretch film, bags, envelopes, pouches, corrugated cartons, foam and cushioning and more.


Decade Products

The MACX 48 bulk harvest bin measures 48 inches by 48 inches. It is constructed of HDPE structural foam for high strength and great impact resistance.


Dillman Farm

Preserves with either Dillman’s label or yours. Choose from six designs with quality stock art logos. Reliable, dependable service.


Globe Bag Co.

Offers farm market packaging, pick-your-own supplies and growers wholesale packaging. Custom prints are available on small orders.


InterCrate Container Corp.

Offers reusable plastic containers with smooth surfaces and rounded ventilation holes. They save space when empty and work well for a variety of produce.



The 40-inch-by-48-inch Stack’R pallet is recyclable and features all-plastic, nonporous construction that protects produce and does not absorb moisture or odor.


Produce Labeling & Coding of America

The S.M.A.R.T. TMIP model 750 touchless Vacu-Jet coding and labeling system prevents produce from being touched, bruised or damaged. Continuous reloading.



Offers clamshells and trays made of postconsumer PETE for packing apples, berries, tomatoes and more. They are 100 percent recyclable.


Putnam Plastics

Provides farm market and roadside packaging for any season. Products for strawberries include T-shirt bags, trays, baskets, buckets and clamshells.


Rockford Package Supply

Supplies plastic tote bags for fruits and vegetables, as well as a variety of other products. Custom printing is available for many products.


Tew Mfg.

The Model H includes a 4-foot receiver belt, washer, absorber and rotary table. Pack up to 100 bushels per hour with 16.5-inch model, 150 with 24.5-inch model.

Willsie Equip. Sales

The Strauss GUB Buncher with ElastiTag applicator applies the ElastiTag to asparagus and green onions. Leeks, celery and more can also be bunched with an ElastiTag.