A&B Packing Equip.

The Speedy Evolution is a 10-scale, no-drop, weigh-and-fill machine developed for delicate products like Rainier sweet cherries, mushrooms and more.

Agricultural Data Systems

The TraceBack system allows produce to be traced back to the grower, field, crew, date and employee. There are several alternatives for product identification.


Tray & Crate Washing Machines in several models feature 306 stainless steel construction and allow safe reuse of trays and crates. Optional disinfecting capability.

Bulk Bin Packaging

The Safer Corner Bin comes pre-printed or plain, fills and ships like standard octagonal bins, and is 80 percent less expensive than collapsible plastic bins.

Container Consulting Service

Products include pails, boxes, tape, pallet covers, labels, stretch film, bags, envelopes, pouches, corrugated cartons, foam and cushioning and more.

Commercial Scale & Balance

Sells and services all weighing equipment, specializing in battery-operated price computing scales.

Dillman Farm

Preserves with either Dillman’s label or yours. Choose from six designs with quality stock art logos. Reliable, dependable service.

Dubois Agrinovation

Agricultural bushels for harvesting, processing, distribution and retailing; ventilated designs for cooling and drainage; stack or nest. UV-resistant materials.

Felins USA

The Pak-Tyer 2000 offset bundling machine efficiently bundles vegetables, seedlings and shrubs without bruising the product.

Flamingo Label Co.

Four-color process labels are printed in full color and are a good choice for product labeling, brand identification and other applications. Many shapes and sizes.

Globe Bag Co.

Provides farm market packaging and pick-your-own supplies. Custom prints are available on small orders.

House of Webster

Manufacturers of a complete line of old-fashioned, home-style food products for the past 75 years.

Landmark Plastic

Offering an extensive line of thermoformed and injection-molded horticultural packaging products for a wide range of produce.

Monte Package Co.

Monte Package Co. offers a wide variety of corrugated boxes, bulk bins, clamshells, labeling equipment and much more for producers.

Penn Scale

The Don’t Spill It scoop allows users to scoop the product into the back of the bowl, weigh it, and pour it out of the front through the spout with no spillage.


The S*-MB400i palm-sized portable unit prints out food safety traceability labels on demand while packing harvested produce in the field.


Offers clamshells and trays made of post-consumer PETE for packing apples, berries, tomatoes and more. They are 100 percent recyclable.

Putnam Plastics

The extra heavy-duty clear T-shirt corn bag holds 12 ears of corn. Stalks will not poke through the bag.

Richfield Industries

Products include greenhouse/nursery carts, garden utility carts, cooler storage racks with molded trays, and CSA/apple returnable containers.

Rockford Package Supply

Offering a full line of bags, labels, wood baskets, banners, dispensers, pie boxes and more. Custom printing available for many products.

SKS Bottle & Packaging

Containers include a selection of clear glass bottles in a variety of shapes and sizes from .5 ounce to 1 gallon, with a wide range of closure options.


Vibrant, high-resolution labels are full-color, can include photos and can be molded into the container.

Taylor Mfg.

The TaMaCo Huller shells peas and butter beans in two to eight minutes. Available in 1.5 and 2-bushel capacities, with internal swinging paddles.

Tew Mfg.

The Model H includes a 4-foot receiver belt, washer, absorber and rotary table. Pack up to 100 bushels per hour with 16.5-inch model, 150 with 24.5-inch model.

Thomas E. Moore

Offers bag closing equipment and packaging supplies, including poly and paper bags, thread, boxes, wire ties, tape, staples and straps. Custom equipment available.

Thunderbird Plastics

Manufactures a full line of durable plastic containers for agricultural purposes: berry flats, blueberry lugs, fruit and vegetable boxes, produce cases and more.

The June issue will include product focuses on Farm Market Equipment & Supplies, Storage & Building Resources and Plows & Blades.