Ag-Pak, Inc.

Ag-Pak offers a full line of produce packaging equipment, including weighing, bagging, optical sorting, washing and polishing equipment.


Tray & Crate Washing Machines feature 306 stainless steel construction and safely reuse trays and crates. Several models are available, as well as optional disinfecting capability.

BBC Technologies

The Soft Sorter provides high- speed in-line sorting and removal of soft fruits. It will sort the fruit at a speed of up to 5,000 pounds per hour and will accurately reject up to 80 percent of soft fruit.

Blackmore Co., Inc.

The Blackmore Ellepot 18-Count Stackable Tray for 60 mm Ellepots allows trays to be nested for shipment when empty and stacked when filled. Recyclable.

Dubois Agrinovation, Inc.

Agricultural bushels for harvesting, processing, distribution and retailing; ventilated designs for cooling and drainage; stack or nest. Composed of UV-resistant materials.

Globe Bag

Providing customers with products that highlight their farm by placing their name on the packaging. Custom imprints on plastic and paper.


NatureFlex cellulose products are manufactured from renewable wood pulp. NatureFlex films are certified under ASTM D6400 as compostable and D6866 as sustainable.

Kerian Machines, Inc.

The Kerian Speed Sizer provides fast, accurate and gentle sizing of both long and round produce. Dividers can be added or subtracted to change the number of sizes.

Landmark Plastic Corp.

Offering an extensive line of thermoformed and injection molded horticultural packaging products for a wide range of products.

Monte Package Co.

Monte Package Co. offers a wide variety of corrugated boxes, bulk bins, clamshells, labeling equipment and much more for producers.

The Keeping It Green Program features packaging made from post consumer PETE (polyethylene terephthalate) and is 100 percent recyclable.

Rockland Package Supply

Offering a full line of bags, labels, wood baskets, banners, dispensers, pie boxes and more. Custom printing available for many products.

Thomas E. Moore, Inc.

All types of bag closing equipment and packaging supplies offered, including bags (poly, paper, thread), boxes, wire ties, tape, staples and straps.

Thunderbird Plastics Ltd.

Manufacturing heavy-duty plastic containers for all applications, including berry trays, farm market products, blueberry lugs and more.

Volm Companies, Inc.

Offering a full range of flexible packaging and laminations in up to 10 colores. Volm also offers a full line of Volmpack packaging equipment.