A&B Packing Equip., Inc.

The nine-head weigh fill scale system packs up to 110 cups per minute. Features electromagnetic vibrating feeders, accurate positioning and more.

Ag-Pak, Inc.

Equipment for weighing, bagging, optical sorting, washing and polishing produce. Exclusive U.S. dealer for NEWTEC weighers, baggers and graders.

BBC Technologies

Offering electronic agricultural equipment including color sorters, soft berry sorters, and fill-by-weight clamshell fillers for small fruits and vegetables.

Cardinal Scale Mfg. Co.

The 210FE digital weight indicator has an extra large display and a remote control that lets you tare, print or zero without getting out of your seat.

Dubois Agrinovation, Inc.

Agricultural  bushels for harvesting, processing, distributing and retailing. Ventilated designs for cooling and drainage. Stackable and UV-resistant.


The Melon Sizer electronically sorts melons based on weight with accuracy to +/- .25 pounds. Three models: stationary, truck-mounted and wheelable.

E.W. Brandt & Sons, Inc.

Clamshell container made of clear plastic, shaped like a suitcase and designed to carry flat, round fruit. Stackable four and eight-pack versions.

Globe Bag Co.

Providing customers with products that highlight their farm by placing the their name on the packaging. Custom imprints on plastic and paper.

Grower’s Discount Labels

Eye-catching labels for direct marketing . Provide your own artwork and logo or work with their graphic designers. The more you order, the more you save.

Kurt Zuhlke & Assoc.,Inc.

ProducePackaging.com offers soaker pads, utility packs, bubble packs, herb packs, trays, printed and plain film, insert liners, clamshells and more.


HydroShield is a water-resistant edge coating that helps Vboard maintain its protective integrity in damp, humid environments. Re-cyclable.

Macro Plastics

Offering large-capacity, injection-molded plastic MacroBins for harvesting, shipping and storing fruits and vegetables.

MARQ Packaging Systems

Top and Bottom Sealer with six glue heads—three on top, three on bottom—that can be turned on or off depending on the style of case used.

Monte Package Co.

Earthcycle sustainable packaging  made from a renewable resource, palm fiber, that composts in less than 90 days.

Norseman Plastics

Sustainable, reusable harvesting and distribution containers. Agri Basket and Tote line for tree fruit, mushrooms, grapes, tomatoes and greenhouse applications.

Pliant Corp.

Climate-engineered agricultural films and films for produce packaging.

Produce Jet

Equipment for coding boxes with print, barcodes, graphics and more. Single or dual print heads adjust for number of lines, font size and typeface.

Putnam Plastics, Inc.

Packaging materials and accessories including plastic, paper and mesh bags; cider and berry packaging; boxes; baskets; labels and accessories.

Rockford Package Supply

Offering a full line of bags, labels, wood baskets, banners, dispensers, pie boxes and more. Custom printing available for many products.

SKS Bottle and Packaging, Inc.

Two styles of hexagonal jars for canning and pickling. Sizes range from .5 to 12 ounces. All jars have gold metal, plastisol-lined lug caps.

Summit Plastic Co.

A variety of square pot systems, landscaper trays, Market Mates, flats and inserts along with a filling and handler tray to match the JanorPot round pot line.

Thomas E. Moore, Inc.

All types of bag closing equipment and packaging supplies offered including bags, thread, boxes, wire ties, tape, staples and strap. Customizable.

Thunderbird Plastics

Plastic, reusable containers for harvesting and processing a number of fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, cane berries, grapes and asparagus.