The 8300 Series rear-fold frame planter features a 30-inch row width, 2 or 3-bushel hoppers and an optional hydraulic drive planter.

Case IH

The Early Riser 1200 Planter Series now includes a six-row configuration with 36-inch, 38-inch and 40-inch row spacing options.  

Herd Seeder Co.

Seeders designed to feed material evenly and produce even patterns. Sizes range from the 1.2-bushel model for ATVs to a 32-bushel model.

Hydro-Stacker LLC

Enables bi-organic production by delivering a nutrient solution at the top of the pivot post, which can be drained into the ground or reused.

I&J Mfg.

The Cover Crop Roller offers an alternative to tilling as it rolls down and crimps mature cover crops. Rolling and planting can be done in one pass.


Coating and seed technology to improve plantability and emergence: pelleting, film coating, priming, upgrading and disinfection against disease.

Ingersoll Tractor Co.

Ingersoll’s 41-inch rototiller features forward or reverse rotation, a 3-inch offset for tight tilling, and a removable 9-inch section for narrow tilling.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

The Six-Row Seeder has four hole sizes that accommodate carrot up to pelleted lettuce seed. Three drive ratios provide 1, 2 or 4-inch spacings.

Mechanical Transplanter

The JPH Seeder singulates small seed, coated seed and seed sizes up to small seed corn. A manual model is available for larger seed.

Monosem, Inc.

Vacuum planters ranging from a two-row mounted to a 36-row pull-type. Each planter is custom-built specific to any seed or soil conditions.

Northwest Tillers, Inc.

The Northwest Vegetable Bedformer incorporates green manure or crop residues to a depth of 14.75 inches. Adjust-able bed widths and heights.

Orbit Screens, Inc.

Screening plants that screen a wide variety of material including top soil, mulch, rock, compost, bark, aggregates, sand and more.


The CropCare Plastic Mulch Lifter/Wrapper lifts and wraps plastic or drip tape in a single pass, reducing pickup time and labor costs.

Renaldo Sales & Service

Manufacturer of precision seed planters and transplanters for row crops grown using plastic mulch row covers. One-row to six-row configurations.

R&H Machine

Offering chrome alloy wear parts for planters, rippers, cultivators, harvesters and other ground engaging equipment.

RJ Equipment

The RJV600 plug transplanter features a capacity for one to 10 rows and 4 to 36-inch spacing for most configurations.

Seed Spider

Seed Spider seeding systems are designed for small seed, high-density crops. Seed separation and electronic metering systems provide control of unit rate.

Starco Mfg.

Milton Precision Planters for small seeded vegetable crops, legumes and specialties. Customizable, from single-row units to multiple-line units.

Superb Horticulture

The Vence Tudo PA No Till Row Crop Planter comes in one, two, three or four-row versions with a 15-inch straw-cutting vertical disc.

Sutton Ag Enterprises

The Mini-Sutton Jr. weighs 65 pounds and is designed for high-density, small plot planting. One hopper plants up to seven seed lines per bed.


AgGPS AutoPilot RTK Auto-mated Steering System with repeatable accuracy in any pattern, from planting to harvest. Ideal for new tree or vine layouts.

Unverferth Mfg. Co.

The Maximus disk adjusts from 5 feet, 6 inches wide to 7 feet 3 inches wide, has 16 24-inch-by -25-inch blades, and works soil up to 6 inches deep.

US Small Farm Equip.

Manufacturer of one-row potato planters and diggers as well as sweet potato machine options, seed cutter attachments and hilling attachments.

Willsie Equipment Sales

Willsie offers bulb or seed planters that, to meet the needs of specific operations, can be scaled for exact seed and bulb spacing.

Look to the March issue of Growing for a guide to Irrigation & Water Management Products.