Biobest Biological Systems

Biobest provides bumblebee hives for the pollination of fruit and vegetable crops, with various hive sizes and several bee species.

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

Beekeeping equipment and supplies: hives, protective clothing, stainless steel processing equipment, and instructional books and DVDs.

Central Life Sciences

Apistan controls mites as bees come into contact with the strip, which contains enough tau-fluvalinate to last for eight weeks. The strips will not harm bees.

Koppert Biological

Koppert bumblebees are an efficient spring pollinator. They achieve a high level of pollination and increase fruit set, even in cold, rain and wind.

Warm Colors Apiary

Produces fine regional honeys and beeswax products, as well as providing pollination services and carrying a complete line of beekeeping equipment.

The February issue will focus on Planting Equipment and Pruning and Trimming Supplies.