Beekeeping supplies: bees and queens, wooden and polystyrene hives, veils, gloves, smokers, feeders, honey processing equipment, books and more.

Biobest Biological Syst.

Biobest produces bumblebee hives. Bumblebees are known to pollinate under cold, rainy and windy conditions.

Brushy Mt. Bee Farm, Inc.

Beekeeping equipment and supplies: hives, protective clothing, stainless steel processing equipment, and instructional books and DVDs.

Koppert Biological

Koppert bumblebees are an efficient spring pollinator. They achieve a high level of pollination and increase fruit set, even in cold, rain and wind.

Mann Lake Ltd.

All of the equipment and accessories needed to keep honeybees, including  the basic starter kit: hive body kit, feeder, gloves, veil, smoker and how-to book.

Ruhl Bee Supply

Mason bees, a U.S. native, are used to pollinate orchards. They do not produce honey, pollen or wax and are considered simpler to manage than honeybees.

W. Fisher Bee Farm

Based in Lewistown, Pa., W. Fisher Bee Farm provides strong colonies of honeybees for your pollination needs.