Sprayers, Applicators & Accessories

A1 Mist Sprayers Resources

Low-volume mist sprayers for spraying vegetables, vineyards, orchards and more. Three-point PTO units, ATV/UTV units and truck-mounted units available.

http://www.mistsprayers.com, 877-924-2474


The self-propelled RG700 RoGator features the AWD Smart Drive System, adjustable track widths, even weight distribution and six-post cab design.

http://www.applylikeapro.com/rg700, 877-525-4384

Chemical Containers

The EZE-Dose comes in 15, 35 and 60-gallon skid units with a two-pump system. The EZE-Drench is available in 15, 35 and 55-gallon skid units. Aluminum frames.

http://www.chemicalcontainers.com, 800-346-7867


Venturi air sprayers feature the latest technology in low-volume spraying for better coverage from smaller, more uniform micron droplet sizes and less wasted product.

http://www.gearmore.com, 800-833-3023

GK Machine

The 4W6 features a pressurized cab, 155 or 185 hp Cummins engine, 30-inch ground clearance, oscillating frame, automatic load leveling and full-time four-wheel drive.

http://www.gkmachine.com, 503-678-5525

Greenleaf Technologies

The TurboDrop Asymmetrical DualFan air injection nozzle allows spraying the target two to four times in one pass. It sprays forward, backward and down.

http://www.turbodrop.com, 800-881-4832

Hagie Mfg.

The STS Application System is available in four models with capacities ranging from 1,000 to 1,600 gallons. Boom widths range from 60 to 120 feet.

http://www.hagie.com, 800-247-4885

HARDI North America

The Zebra Cannon has a 105 or 155-gallon capacity and a cannon blower. The turbine fan is equipped with a spout that offers coverage out to over 55 feet.

http://www.hardi-us.com, 563-386-1730


Over 24 models of air-blast, cannon and backpack sprayers. New air-blast towers for vineyards, blueberries, raspberries and most trellised fruit crops.

http://www.jacto.com, 800-522-8610


Custom sprayer options include towed or three-point-mount chassis, capacities from 200 to 2,000 gallons, painted or galvanized frame, and manual or electric controls.

http://www.kenncomfg.com, 813-645-2591


IDK air induction nozzles offer very low drift potential with coarse to medium droplets. They operate at lower relative pressures than full-length air induction nozzles.

http://www.lechlerusa.com, 800-777-2926


The Tifone Vento air-blast sprayer features a hot-dipped galvanized frame and fan housing. The 110-gallon polyethylene tank has a mechanical contents gauge.

http://www.leinbachs.com, 336-969-0359


The Mankar P 70-110 with adjustable spray width has a ground-driven pump, so the applied volume of herbicide per area is always the same, even if walking speed varies.

http://www.mankarulv.com, 647-309-7826

Martin’s Repair Shop

The MRS is a 60-gallon trailer sprayer that can be pulled with an ATV or small tractor. It sprays a fine mist out both sides. Heads can be adjusted to any angle.


Penns Creek Welding

Sprayers with a 24-foot single boom feature 60-second manual height adjustment from 2 feet for melons to 7.5 feet for sweet corn. Hydraulic leveling.



Phil Brown Welding

The Clean Sweep spray boom for orchards has a rubber whip on the outer end to lay grass down around and between trees. It is manually adjustable for row width.



Progressive Ag

The LectroBlast wraparound vineyard sprayer is designed to maximize coverage and efficiency.

http://www.proaginc.com, 800-351-8101

Swihart Sales

The Little Hercules mist blower fits in the back of most UTVs. It has a 9 hp Honda engine, 25-gallon poly tank, heavy-duty welded steel frame and four-roller pump.

http://www.swihart-sales.com, 800-864-4595

Thomas Bros. Equipment

The Proptec Multi Spray is a self-contained air sprayer with a 24 hp Honda engine and one or two heads. It comes in skid, three-point and trailer-mount models.



Spot sprayers are available with 50 and 100-gallon tanks. All models feature polyethylene tank construction and long spray wands with trigger actuation.

http://www.turfexproducts.com, 866-5TURFEX


The Tip Wizard tool, available online or as a smartphone app, provides information on droplet size, drift potential and coverage for each tip at all pressures.

http://www.wilger.net, 877-968-7695 l