Fertilize While You Water

Whether you have a small or large greenhouse, the DosaCart portable chemical dispensing system offers flexibility and mobility when fertilizing or treating your plants. Specially designed for Dosatron Injectors, the DosaCart can be used with 7, 11, 14 or 20 GPM units. With nonelectric, proportional, on-demand dispensing, it can hook to a garden hose and fertilize or treat your plants as you water. If you need to sanitize your greenhouse, a special spray nozzle is designed to meet your needs. Additional features include a white polyethylene tank to view chemical levels, 15-gallon tank capacity that delivers up to 7,500 gallons of finished solution at 500:1, optional Quick Hook-Up Kit to install a Dosatron injector, specialty tires for maximum mobility, crash bar to help protect the unit from damage and a bottom drain valve for easy clean-out.

Put the Pressure On

Onset Computer Corporation has a new Barometric Pressure Smart Sensor for use with the company’s HOBO U30 Remote Monitoring System and HOBO Weather Station products. The sensor measures barometric pressure over a range, from 660 to 1,070 mb. This new sensor is in addition to those that measure temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, soil moisture, wind speed and direction, leaf wetness, photosynthetically active radiation and solar radiation.

Airflow Control

ClearSpan Majestic Greenhouses, from Growers Supply, now have drop-down sides to make it easier to control how much air enters the greenhouse. The drop-down sides are made of a 5.2-ounce fabric that can be lowered as little or as much as needed. Adjustable sides are also now available on the company’s Majestic Gutter-Connect Greenhouses.


Anti-Drought Drench

Natural Industries recently released Stasis, a drench anti-transpirant for the greenhouse and nursery industry. When Stasis is drenched into the soil with irrigation water, plants will stay in a drought-resistant state for over two weeks. This biodegradable product is safe for use on vegetable and herb crops.  

Flip-Over Disc

Worksaver’s FOD-16 flip-over disc, for use in gardens or orchards, is designed to flip over for easy transport. It has a 5-foot operating width and is equipped with eight 16-inch notched disc blades and a rectangular steel frame that holds three concrete blocks for added weight and better soil penetration. To provide optimum cutting, the disc gangs are mounted at a 20-degree angle.  Other features include a rear tab for mounting a drag harrow attachment, 4-inch-by-12-inch pneumatic tires and cast iron bearings with grease zerks. This 225-pound attachment measures 53 inches wide, 35 inches high and has a 70-inch long tongue. Attach it to a garden tractor or ATV with a minimum 16 hp or 250cc engine.


Telescopic Options

Gehl has introduced a solid rubber tire option for the company’s DL Series and RS Series telescopic handlers. These single-aperture tires will never puncture, blow out or go flat. Features include extra-large tapered lugs for enhanced traction and maximum wear life; long-wearing tread compound that resists cutting and chunking; stability on improved and unimproved surfaces; and single-aperture holes, which provide shock absorption for a more comfortable ride.


Powersports Trailers

ShoreLand’r has introduced a line of Powersports trailers targeted specifically at ATV and UTV owners. All five models have an angled “beavertail” deck that reduces the loading angle and eliminates the need for a large ramp. The trailers range in size from 4 by 6 feet to 6 by 12 feet and carrying capacities range from 1,000 to 2,200 pounds. The four larger models feature a steel platform deck with tie-down points and embossed traction holes for better traction. An enclosed, fully grounded wiring system eliminates the potential for malfunctioning lights, and the whole wiring system is grounded to the tow vehicle through the wiring harness. Additional features include welded, steel tube frames; an adjustable axle; and 13-inch tires with cast iron machined hubs and welded spindles.


New Guide for Cane Culture

New York’s Natural Resource, Agriculture and Engineering Service  has recently published the Raspberry and Blackberry Production Guide for the Northeast, Midwest and Eastern Canada. This is a comprehensive resource for both novice and experienced growers, as well as crop advisors and educators. All aspects of raspberry and blackberry cane culture are covered, including site selection and preparation, trellising and pruning, nutrient management, irrigation, pesticide application, harvesting, budgeting and marketing. More than 70 cultivars are described, and field production, high-tunnel production and greenhouse production are reviewed. The guide also includes more than 35 descriptions, illustrated with 70 color photos, of insects, mites, diseases and physiological disorders. This guide was authored by 18 university and government-based experts from the U.S. and Canada.