Adams County Nursery

Adams County Nursery specializes ingrowing and marketing two-year, barerootnursery stock. Quality trees andcustomer service since 1905., 717-677-8105

Condor Seed Production

Clemson Spineless 80 okra features avigorous, 3-5-foot-tall plant that producesuniform pods that can be harvested at 3inches. Relative maturity is 48 to 60 days., 928-627-8803

Cover Crop Solutions

Develops and produces high-performancecover crop seed. Tillage Radishopens channels through compacted soiland suppresses winter annual weeds., 800-767-9441

Crookham Co.

Nirvana (pictured) and Eden combineexceptional taste and texture with thestrength and vigor of the new Sh2i seeds.They are high-yielding and easy to pick., 208-459-7451


Offers hybrid vegetable seeds, manyavailable as untreated seed for organicprograms. Small farms, farmers marketgrowers and CSAs can take advantage ofsmall to midsize seed quantities., 928-341-8494

Hartmann’s Plant Co.

Raising superior nursery stock for 70years. Blueberry plants are virus-testedand certified by the state of Michigan.Raspberries, blackberries and more., 269-253-4281

High Mowing Seeds

An independently owned, farm-basedseed company dedicated to supporting sustainableagriculture and providing the highestquality Certified Organic, Non-GMOProject Verified seeds., 802-472-6174

Hollar Seeds

The Jill Be Little PVP miniature pumpkinhas a darker color, sturdy stem anddeep sutures. The plant has added PMRto ensure a bountiful harvest year afteryear., 719-254-7411

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Cargo PMR has a rich orange color andweighs 20 to 25 pounds. The short vinesproduce two to three fruits. Intermediateresistance to powdery mildew., 877-564-6697

Kelly Seed Co.

Authorized Seminis dealer. Provides afull line of hybrid and open-pollinatedvegetable seeds.


Martin’s Produce Supplies

A full-service produce and greenhousesupplier. Carries an extensive line ofseeds, onion sets and seed potatoes, aswell as growing equipment and supplies., 717-532-5918

Morgan County Seeds

Products include strawberry plants aswell as vegetable and flower seeds. Alsooffers greenhouses, high tunnels andcomponents., 573-378-2655

Moser Fruit Tree Sales

Sources fruit tree needs, from popularvarieties to heirlooms, cider varieties andvariety salvation services. Distributor forScionon grafting equipment., 800-386-5600

NE Seed

Porcelain Doll is an exotic pink pumpkin,perfect for October fundraisingactivities. Pumpkin growers are unitingin the fight against breast cancer throughThe Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation., 800-825-5477

Outstanding Seed Co.

A privately held, research-based companythat breeds, produces and marketsclassically bred, disease-resistant, hybridpumpkin seed for commercial growers., 877-248-4567

Reed’s Seeds

Offers a full line of cabbage seed varieties.Additionally, the company marketsbroccoli, cauliflower and Brusselssprouts.


Rijk Zwaan USA

Lech RZ kohlrabi is a hybrid for wholeseasonopen-field use, with upright,disease-tolerant leaves. Lech RZ has greatfield standability and uniformity., 831-455-3000

Rispens Seeds

Latte is a bicolor sweet corn that hasa relative maturity of 67 days and workswell as a first or second spring planting.Strong emergence and cold soil vigor., 888-874-0241

Rupp Seeds

A family-owned company that hasbeen serving growers for over 68 years.Offers more than 1,000 vegetable varietiesfrom all the major vegetable breeders., 800-700-1199

Sakata Seed America

Blitz is an early-maturing, extra-large,blocky green-to-red bell pepper withexcellent open field performance and isalso adapted for high tunnel production.

Salt Spring Seeds

Sustainable Canadian seed companyoffering rare and unusual seeds. Onlinecatalogue includes heirloom tomatoes,quinoa, amaranth, seed garlic and a newzero mile diet kit., 250-537-5269

Seed & Plant Sanctuary for Canada

A charitable organization dedicatedto the health and vitality of the earththrough the preservation and promotionof heritage seeds.

Seeds By Design

Triple Treat F1 is a triploid, seedlesswatermelon with very firm flesh, highsugar levels and a dark green, tiger-stripedrind pattern. Weighs 8 to 10 pounds., 250-537-5269


Blanco is a white pumpkin that holdsits color well in the field. Vines are vigorousand readily support a strong fruit set.Fruit is about 4 to 8 pounds in size., 800-952-7333

Siegers Seed Co.

Independent seed supplier to commercialvegetable growers in the eastern U.S.and Canada. Represents breeders andproducers from all over the world., 800-962-4999

Stark Bro’s Nurseries & Orchards

Providing commercial growers with avariety of bare-root fruit trees for nearly200 years. Develops rootstocks specificallybred for individual growing needs., 573-754-3701

Stokes Seeds

Anthem XR is a 73-day Gourmet Sweetvariety with a very sturdy plant and iswidely adapted to many areas. Suitablefor shipping and fresh-market slots., 800-263-7233

Vitalis Organic Seeds

Eleonora is a Genovese-type basil withintermediate resistance to downy mildew.Medium-sized green leaves, short internodes.For pots or open-field production., 831-754-2300

Walker Bros.

Producer and supplier of hybrid asparagusseed. Also among the top suppliers ofasparagus crowns within the U.S., 856-358-2548