A1 Mist Sprayers

Versatile, compact mist blower units that spray up to 140 feet without booms. Also, air-blast sprayers, coarse air sprayers, foggers and accessories.

Airtec Sprayers

Airboom sprayers can be built up to 120 feet long. Tank sizes up to 1,500 gallons for boom units and 1,000 gallons for orchard and citrus units.

CDS-John Blue

The VisaGage II flow monitor enables users to easily monitor flow rates of liquid products, helping to improve efficiency and profitability.


High-pressure produce sprayers feature a 25-foot boom packed with sprayer options for specific applications.

Curtec of Florida

Curtec Air-Curtain tower sprayers for orchards and groves offer low-volume, high-productivity spraying.


The BP-4 rechargeable backpack sprayer has a dual fan nozzle and adjustable cone nozzle and operates at a maximum pressure of 150 PSI.


The SHR-210 gas-powered backpack sprayer features a 21.2cc engine, 17.6-fluid-ounce fuel tank, diaphragm carburetor and 5-gallon-capacity tank.

Electrostatic Spraying Systems

The 350RC comes with 30 to 36 MaxCharge nozzles, 25 to 30-foot booms and 150-gallon tank. Requires tractor with 65 hp or more.

Forestry Suppliers

The 60-gallon skid sprayer has a 3.5 hp Tecumseh gas engine that powers a four-roller pump delivering 6 GPM with a pressure range from 0 to 120 PSI.

Gillison’s Variety Fabrication

The GVF Sonic Spray turns on the spray when a tree is detected by ultrasonic sensors. It works in any type of orchard growth.

GNC Industries

Space Saver sprayers are available in 75 and 100-gallon sizes for utility vehicles and 200, 300 and 400-gallon sizes for full-size trucks.

Great Plains Mfg.

The TSF-660 trailer sprayer has a compact, efficient design and a 60-foot boom that folds to 108 inches for safety and ease of transportation.

H.D. Hudson

The 18537 Bak-Pak offers a four-speed spray range, large tank opening, 20-ounce fuel tank, 25.6cc engine and a choice of standard or extendable lance.

Iva Mfg.

High-pressure produce sprayers with 25 to 750-gallon tanks, boom widths up to 70 feet, boom heights up to 8 feet and nozzle pressures up to 300 PSI.


Offers a full range of air-blast sprayers with capacities from 50 to 1,000 gallons. The A200 and A500 are ideal for fruit, grape and berry growers with smaller tractors.


Sprayers with fiberglass tanks from 200 to 2,000 gallons, galvanized frames, PTO or hydraulic-drive pumps and galvanized or stainless steel plumbing.


The dropleg-style boom kit for row crops is designed to spray beneath the crop canopy for optimal plant coverage and drift reduction.


Mighty Mac trailer sprayers come in 22 and 50-gallon models with 3 or 10 GPM twin-piston pumps, spray heights up to 35 feet and flow bypass recirculation.

Martin’s Repair Shop

The MRS Air Blast Sprayer is a self-contained unit with a 23 hp Vanguard engine, 50-gallon capacity and reach of 12 to 15 feet.


The MS40QCB features 160 PSI maximum pump pressure, 12-volt battery, 75-minute charge time and dry weight of 11.7 pounds.

Newton Crouch

The Dosing Sprayer has a 35-gallon poly inductor tank, all-stainless steel frame, jet agitation, 20-foot spray gun hose, digital counter and adjustable timer.

ON-Target Spray

ON-Target sprayers use minimal water, material, diesel, horsepower and time. They help minimize drift, eliminate runoff and reduce noise levels.

Oxbo International

Offers the full line of Korvan vineyard equipment, including the three-row sprayer module for the Korvan 4012, with Croplands Quantum Mist fan heads.

Progressive Ag

LectroBlast electrostatic orchard, vineyard and nursery sprayers. The LectroSense system sprays young trees, not the empty area between them.

Richway Industries

Boom Tracker provides guidance when applying chemicals by dispersing foam droplets along boundaries. For big booms and high-speed spraying.


The Arag compact jet nozzle holder is available in three, four and five-way configurations.


The Solo 425 has a high-density polyethylene tank with UV inhibitors, piston pump with Viton seals, 28-inch unbreakable wand and 48-inch hose.

Superb Horticulture

Montana Suprema 480: a 110-gallon, three-point hitch air-blast sprayer with a declutchable, 32-inch cast-aluminum fan and poly flip-over nozzles.

Swihart Sales Co.

Low-volume mist sprayers, including the P-515-655 that is equipped with a 55-gallon tank and can reach up to 50 feet.


Thomas Bros. Equip. Sales

Proptec trailer sprayers: four, six or eight-head models with vertical folding masts up to 16 feet tall and 300 to 500-gallon poly or stainless tanks.


TurfEx offers a line of skid-mounted spot sprayers, which are designed to mount into the bed of any utility vehicle or pickup.


Wilger provides spray nozzles, nozzle bodies, a computerized sprayer calibrator and spray boom wireless remote shutoff.

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