Bobcat – CT235

  • Engine: 34 hp
  • Trans.: Hydrostatic
  • PTO rating: 26.5 hp
  • Feature: ROPS and Category I three-point hitch

Branson Tractors – 2400h

  • Engine: 24 hp
  • Trans.: Hydrostatic
  • PTO rating: 18 hp, 540/960 rpm
  • Feature: Easy-open hood, fully synchronized

Case IH – Farmall C

  • Engine: 75, 85 or 95 hp
  • Trans.: Eight-speed forward and reverse
  • PTO rating: 37 to 60 PTO
  • Feature: Flexible lift arms, telescopic stabilizers

Cub Cadet Yanmar – Lx490

  • Engine: 49 hp
  • Trans.: Gear-driven
  • PTO rating: 540 rpm
  • Feature: Performance Link Technology, HydraReverser

John Deere – 5EN Series Tractors

  • Engine: 101 hp
  • Trans.: 12/12 PowrReverser
  • PTO rating: 82 hp
  • Feature: Cab or open station configurations

Kioti Tractor – CK Series

  • Engine: 22 to 35 hp
  • Trans.: Mechanical or hydrostatic
  • PTO rating: Rear standard; mid optional
  • Feature: 360-degree visibility of job site

Kubota – L3700SU

  • Engine: 37.4 hp
  • Trans.: Three-range hydrostatic
  • PTO rating: 30 hp
  • Feature: Quick Attach/Detach loader

Mahindra USA – 5010 Cab

  • Engine: 49 hp
  • Trans.: Constant mesh or HST
  • PTO rating: 41.5 or 38 hp
  • Feature: Three-point lift capacity of 3,314

New Holland – T4050F

  • Engine: 95 hp
  • Trans.: 16×16 with mechanical shuttle
  • PTO rating: 540/1,000 rpm
  • Feature: Three transmission options, SuperSteer

TYM – TYM Tractors

  • Engine: 23 to 100 hp Caterpillar and Mitsubishi
  • Trans.: Standard, HST and power shuttle
  • PTO rating: 540 rpm rear
  • Feature: Hydrostatic power steering



The AWV3 series was designed to eliminatesoil compaction without destroyingthe soil structure in orchards and vineyards.Single or tandem roller configurations.

Arctic Snow & Ice Control Products

LD plows are compatible with severaltypes of lighter-duty equipment. With severalpatented features, they increase snowremoval efficiency and reduce fuel costs.


The 485 backhoe provides a maximumdigging depth of 8 feet 5 inches. The 180-degree dual-cylinder swing rotation providesequal power in both directions.

Earth & Turf Products

The Model 320 Row Crop Special fitsbetween narrow rows and carries 2 cubicyards of topdressing, with a maximumspread width of 72 inches.

Echo Bear Cat

The CH9540H PTO chipper has up toa 9-inch chipping capacity, integrated dischargeblower and four reversible chippingblades with a four-sided, adjustable

Ford Distributing

The Multivator is a rotary poweredcultivator designed for weed control inrow crops. It is offered in several modelsand custom-assembled to fit a particularapplication.

GrassWorks Weed Wiper

GrassWorks Weed Wiper is a contactherbicide applicator. The rotating steeldrum eliminates drip issues and the shieldedboom sprayer eliminates drift issues.

Green Hoe Co.

The Rolling Cultivator is an attachmentfor the Green Hoe. It is a weed controltool that is ground-activated.

Harris Mfg.

The Titan front three-point plus mounthas Category II pins. Pull one pin to verticallyfold the three-point arms to revealthe ball hitch for machines requiring one.


The J600CHT cannon sprayer has a 165-gallon capacity, spray swaths up to 110 feet and excellent coveragein low-growing cropssuch as pumpkins andmelons.

Kencove Farm Fence Supplies

Vector post drivers allow users to driveposts in vineyards and orchards, with 24inches of side shift for easy driving whereonly one side of the fence line is accessible.

Kennco Mfg.

The BP690 pig rack for fumigationtanks has a support frame that bolts tothe front of the tractor. The lift rack israised or lowered hydraulically.

Kuhn North America

MDS spreaders are available in workingwidths from 33 to 59 feet and capacitiesfrom 17.5 to 67 cubic feet. The slow-rotatingagitator provides gentle handling.


Offers integrated front hitches for JohnDeere 6020 and 6030 series and 7430 to7530 models, including the GreenLinkSt4.2/Pr4.2, St4.2C/Pr4.2C and St3.

Lanco Mfg.

The LS-655 spreader has a struck capacityof 65 cubic feet and is designed for amaximum payload of 3 tons. The standardhydraulic drive requires 8 GPM.

Lely USA

Lely USA offers a weeder attachmentthat provides effective mechanical weedcontrol.


The Beever M15R chipper features a15-inch capacity, feed rate up to 92 feet perminute, folding infeed tray, self-containedhydraulics and available trailer package.

N.M. Bartlett

The Cross automatically self-levelingplatform uses four independent wheels. Itcan be used for harvesting, pruning andmore on slopes up to 25 degrees.


CropCare 500 and 750-gallon trailersprayers now offer a wider range of wheelbaseadjustment, from 63 to 90 inches. Alarger frame allows for larger wheels.

Phil Brown Welding

The hydraulic work platform includestwo work stations that move up/downand in/out independently. Fully collapsed,the unit is 68 inches wide.

Rim Guard

Rim Guard is an environmentally friendly liquid tire ballast madefrom sugar beets. It will not rust rims.

Simonsen Industries

The SMC is a stainless steel pull spreaderavailable with 50 or 70-foot spread widthsand 5, 6 or 8-ton capacities. Spreads at arate of up to 640 pounds per acre.

Soucy International

Offers aftermarket track systems foragricultural vehicles. With a large groundsurface area, they reduce soil compactionwhile offering additional traction.

Thomas Bros. Equip. Sales

The 100-gallon, three-point ProptecMulti-Spray has a boom that rotates fromvertical to horizontal and fully adjustableheads. Other models are available.


Bulk material spreaders are constructedof heavy-duty polyethylene and equippedwith an auger for feed and control of fertilizer,compost and other products.

TurfTime Equipment

Advantage aerators have Revolutiontines that provide 6-inch ground penetrationwith little surface disruption. Waterweightedtanks adjust for soil conditions.


The AVP uniformly reduces organicdebris without sizing rods or screens. Itoffers 360-degree directional dischargeand four individually adjustable legs.

Weed Badger

The Weed Badger 4400 offers simplemanual hydraulic joystick operation for inthe-row weed tilling or mowing. Multipleinterchangeable options and attachments.

Whatcom Mfg.

Custom-built mulch spreaders aredesigned for orchard, vineyard and blueberrygrowers. Narrow-width, high-capacitymodels accommodate mature fields.

Willsie Equipment

The Garford Robocrop InRow uses adigital video camera to capture images ofthe crop ahead to aid steering of the hoeand synchronization of weeder discs.


Pallet forks for tractors up to 40 hp arerated at 2,000 pounds for optimal liftingcapacity. Spring-loaded latches allow foreasy spacing adjustment.