New Bobcat on the Prowl

Bobcat has introduced its new M-Series excavators, the E32 and E35. The machine numbers now correspond to the excavator’s weight in metric tons; for example, the E32 is for 3.2 metric tons. The E32 is a conventional-tail-swing excavator; the E35 is a zero-tail-swing excavator.

Bobcat’s new X-frame undercarriage has increased ground clearance and enables better shedding of debris. The new Auto-Shift travel shifts the machine out of high range and back automatically, which provides an on-demand power boost when pushing into a pile.

Other features include Auto-Idle; fingertip boom swing control; integrated slew brake; new hydraulic system; redesigned cab; and more.

Spray Small

CropCare Equipment’s new 25-gallon ATV sprayers are available in two configurations: a 12-foot X-fold boom featuring boom breakaway protection and nondrip TeeJet nozzle bodies; or 20-foot boomless nozzles. The standard spray gun provides spot spraying capabilities.

Standard features include powder-coated frame; 14-foot durable spray hose; boom breakaway protection; in-tank filter; and ceramic flat fan spray nozzles. A wiring harness with an in-line switch controls the 12-volt Shurflo Diaphragm Pump, which provides 3 GPM and up to 45 psi of pressure.

The 2.5-gallon CropCare Turf Marker System is available as an option.

A Peach of a Pack

Richfield Industries has introduced its new apple/peach packs. Units are returnable, washable, recyclable and can be color-matched for farm logos. They may be used with or without the plastic pallets; the plastic pallets allow for stacking of up to 24 bushels of fruit. Totes are ventilated per customer request.


Grow It High Despite the Soil

Terawet Ventures, Inc. has introduced its new soil polymer crystal formulation, AgraGel T-400 Blue, a superabsorbent hydrogel. It has a 10-year performance duration, is guaranteed nontoxic and absorbs hundreds of times its weight in water in the soil.

It has now been combined with a slow-release urea nitrate fertilizer for faster plant establishment. After 10-plus years of performance, the crystal biodegrades and leaves no residual toxicity behind in the soil.

AgraGel T-400 Blue crystals have been engineered to release their moisture into the soil when the soil dries out to 50 percent of field capacity, which is the amount of water the soil can hold.


Be on Time!

Exaktime has announced ClockPoint Kiosk, new clock-in software that works with its JobClock System, an in-field time and attendance system. ClockPoint Kiosk software turns any PC, notebook or netbook running Windows XP or Vista into a real-time JobClock. Using a Keytab Reader, which is connected using the USB port, employees can touch their personal Keytabs or FastTrakker to the Keytab Reader to clock in or out. The PC can continue to be used for other tasks; ClockPoint Kiosk software runs nearly invisibly in the background, even if the PC’s user is logged off.

Top It Off

TurfTime Equipment’s model TT2410 TopDresser features a 1-cubic-yard struck capacity and many standard features. The remote electrical console includes spinner and belt variable speed controls, plus an electric over hydraulic EZ-Set metering gate actuator. The 23-inch diameter, fixed, tilted twin spinners provide 6-foot heavy to 50-foot light, uniform spread patterns.

Eye on the Sky

Storm Exchange, Inc. has announced that its StormX Agriculture online source for business weather now includes crop yield mapping, including historical and forecast maps; expert commentary on agriculture and weather risks; USDA crop condition and progress charts; and observed and forecast weather maps.

Staked to Stay Straight

Swanson Timber Co., a wholesale provider of lumber and wood products, offers a full selection of treated wood tree stakes for a range of orchard and nursery uses. Pressure-treated wood tree stakes (both round and square), posts and cores, as well as untreated (organic) stakes, are available in walnut, almond and more.

Fast Filling for Berries

A&B Packing Equipment’s new Universal Packer #9100 High Speed Filler is a specially designed high-speed packing machine. It features twin in-line cup vibrators that nearly eliminate berries falling through the machine at cup separation; no-bruise, stainless steel, over-the-top hopper/filler metering system; star point closer with quick-adjust handles (no tools needed to adjust); stainless steel, wide-adjustment tabletops; wide-chute, high- speed guillotine denester, with quick adjust handles that automatically places cups on the line; and quick-adjust rail jacks to change cup size fast.

Other features include a 10-foot-by-29-inch heavy-duty stainless steel frame and four-wheeled, up-and-down adjustable legs.

The #9100 packs 20 to 200 pint cups per minute and 4.4-ounce to 2.75-pound cups, quarts and most 5 and 10-pound boxes.

Get a Step Up

Towing Products Co. has introduced its new StepGate aftermarket tailgate step that fits all pickups. The StepGate is made of lightweight, high-strength, 1-inch square steel tubing with a black powder-coat finish and has a capacity of up to 400 pounds. It stores out of the way when the tailgate is up and can be mounted on either side of the tailgate. The quick release allows the step and handle to be removed in seconds.