Ninety Pounds Soaking Wet?

The Cardinal Guardian Hydraulic Floor Scale series is designed with stainless steel decks and features environmentally sealed (IP68), corrosion-resistant, stainless steel load cells. The unit guards against power surges, corrosion from chemicals, explosive environments and high-pressure wash-downs. Utilizing hydraulic load cells, there is no electrical power in the scale itself.

The Guardian series comes in three different types of removable, checkered, stainless steel deck plates, including gas-assisted cylinder lift-top decks and valve-activated pneumatic cylinder deck lifts. These scales are specifically designed to meet the special sanitation requirements in food processing and chemical plants. They provide quick access to components below the scale surface for cleaning and inspection.

Cut Through it Clean

The new 8-inch CoBolt compact bolt cutters with angled head and newly designed joint construction from KNIPEX Tools LP will cut almost any hard material up to .25 inch. The handles now run at an angle to the cutting blades, which gives the user space to cut with ample hand room. Available with slim single-component handles and ergonomic dual-component handles. KNIPEX offers its compact bolt cutters in both straight and angled versions.

Pack Faster

The new Twin Lane TL8500 blueberry packaging unit from A&B Packing Equipment, Inc. features a metering side-fill hopper, made of stainless steel; twin in-line vibrators to keep fruit from falling between cups and into recovery system and help settle the fruit in the cup; over-the-top cup drive system to eliminate gaps between cups; and new quick-adjust guillotine de-nester with air assist.

Raised rails offer more control of cups, and new quick-adjust handles require no tools. It packs up to 480 pints per minute and is 13.5 feet long. Wheeled feet for movement have legs that move up and down.

Keep Dogs and Cats Away

Plant Pro-Tec has developed a new Dog and Cat Repellent. The new biodegradable Dog and Cat Repellent is formulated from 100 percent organic food-grade ingredients, including garlic, cinnamon, lemongrass and chamomile.

A clip-on applicator prevents the scent from losing its potency, allowing the repellent to remain effective for six to eight months in all kinds of adverse weather.

Learn Online

Red Wing Software, Inc. introduces Red Wing Software University, a free, comprehensive training program to help customers make software implementation and use faster and easier.

Red Wing Software has added Red Wing Software University training courses to assist customers during the setup process, allowing them to start using their software products more quickly and efficiently. Customers who attend the Web-based training are up and running 50 percent faster than those who do not attend. Course offerings include an introduction to data transfer (for customers for whom data transfer is available), basic system usage training and advanced system training. All courses are conducted via the Internet and are free to users within 30 days of product purchase. Customers can attend courses as often as they like within 30 days, allowing any employee the opportunity to join and learn.

Improving on a Classic

Bobcat introduces its new M-Series skid steer loaders. The S630 has a rated operating capacity (ROC) of 2,180 pounds and an operating weight of 7,707 pounds; the S650 has an ROC of 2,690 pounds and an operating weight of 8,327 pounds.

Hydraulic horsepower has been increased more than 15 percent and the standard auxiliary hydraulic flow is now 23 GPM at 3,500 PSI; an optional high-flow reaches 30.5 GPM. A new, removable hydraulic hose guide makes changing attachments easier and correctly routes the hoses, preventing wear.

Light output has increased by more than 50 percent to illuminate the working areas around the front of the loader.

Other features include a new hydraulic sight gauge; windows on the sides and rear of the cab increased in size; cab size increased by 10 percent; pressurized cab, with a new one-piece seal that goes all the way around the door and fits into a special curved pocket; new engine mounts to improve isolation and decrease vibration and sound levels; and more.

Don’t Spill It!

The new Don’t Spill It Scoop from Penn Scale & Scoop Mfg. Co. features a design that allows it to sit flat on a scale plate and a shielded spout.

Covers Now Available for 2010 Toyota Tundra

Agri-Cover, Inc. (ACI) now offers roll-up tonneau covers for the new 2010 Toyota Tundra. It rolls open or closed in seconds, allowing full bed usage with no need for removal.

Engineered to operate in all four seasons, its lifetime warranty covers all components, including the fabric.

Watching Out for Ice

New Avionics Corp. announces the Ice*Meister Model 9734-HTR Self Defrosting Industrial Ice Detecting Sensor System, which allows any controlling host to respond to the earliest formation of ice and take remedial action in real time. Ice sensitivity is adjustable to less than 0.001 inch. Model 9734-HTR’s radiant heater heats the sensor probe and melts away the offending ice.

A resistance heater and thermal switch are affixed to each heater panel inside the solid sensor head. Insulating epoxy potting compound assures maximum radiant heat for the optical sensor probe. Temperatures of the ice-melting aluminum heater panels are limited to 50 degrees Celsius for personnel safety.

Keeping Track of Your Product

Produce Labeling and Coding of America (PLACOA) has developed an advanced food traceability program with a comprehensive print apply system. Growers, packers, shippers, repackers and processors can instantly and randomly code each individual piece of
produce with all-inclusive traceback information. Information includes data from planting, farming, harvesting, storage, packing, shipping and delivery, worldwide. The labels conform to all regulations and guidelines set by ScoringAg, GS1, FDA, COOL, Databar, 2D, PLU and UPC.

PLACOA’s labeling system utilizes the S.M.A.R.T. Model 750PLIR PrintApply System, which can instantly print and apply random labels onto each piece of produce at speeds up to 850 per minute without ever touching the produce, preventing damaging and costly bruising.

The system also includes label graphics, complete customer computer programming, equipment implementation techniques and more.

Tip Back and Relax

Bri-Mar Mfg., LLC introduces a new line of dump trailers, the new AG-510 Series. The new line is available with 5-foot by 10-foot bed size and a choice of either 5,000-pound GVWR single axle or 10,000-pound GVWR walking beam suspension. Models feature 6-inch tube mainframes, 3-inch channel cross members and a 4-inch channel tongue. The floor is constructed of 10-gauge steel with a bed that is 48 inches wide at the bottom flared to 60 inches wide at the top. The 25-inch flared sides are 12-gauge steel and standard on both trailers.

Both models feature a solid, 4-inch dump cylinder designed to offer a 45-degree dumping angle. The dumping system is powered by the hydraulics offered by the tractor. An optional, on-board hydraulics package is also available and mounts directly on the tongue.

The AG-510 Series also features Dexter axles on the single axle model, custom walking beam suspension on the tandem model, heavy-duty implement hitch, a Bulldog 5k post jack, 11L-15 AG 8-ply turf tires and an acid etch wash prior to Valspar powder-coated finishes.

Gardening Containers & Accessories

SKS Bottle & Packaging, Inc. presents its new Gardening Containers Index. The range includes containers for seedlings or seed storage, compost containers, plant food containers and more in plastic, metal and glass.

Additionally, a line of containers for packaging harvests, from canning containers to sauce bottles and jam jars, is also available.

Keep Your Eye on the Sky

Campbell Scientific announces the new version of its weather station software, VisualWeather 3.0, which provides software support for various Campbell Scientific weather stations, including the ET107, ET106 and MetData1 preconfigured weather stations, as well as custom weather stations.

The software allows users to set up the station, interrogate the station, display data and generate reports from one or more weather stations. VisualWeather 3.0 includes support for the ET107 and Toro T107, enhanced station-status and station-data screens, as well as improved web output and FTP support. Changes have been made to the underlying database to allow faster report generation. VisualWeather now includes a global-units option, which controls output units for reports and station data screens, and it can now display the user interface component text in an alternate language if a separate VisualWeather language package has been installed.