A Bulldog in the Pumpkin Patch

The University of Georgia has released a new pumpkin/winter squash named Orange Bulldog. This pumpkin has been developed from germplasm collected in South America with greater levels of resistance to viruses than conventional pumpkins.

The fruit averages about 10 pounds with a distinct suture, and most are suitable for carving, having an open internal cavity. The color ranges from a salmon color to a burnt orange. The fruit is yellow when immature and can be harvested at this stage and cooked like summer squash. The fruit can also be cooked and puréed into a pumpkin pie filling and baked like butternut squash, producing excellent pies and vegetable dishes.

The vines have tolerance to both powdery mildew and downy mildew.

Extinguish the Stings

Fire Ant Coolant from Coastal Solutions, Inc. is a bite treatment to immediately and completely stop the pain and itching and to help prevent after-bite blisters or pustules. FDA-compliant Fire Ant Coolant contains the maximum over-the-counter dose of lidocaine, the same anesthetic used by hospital burn units.

Tip Back and Relax

Bri-Mar Mfg., LLC introduces a new line of dump trailers, the new AG-510 Series. The line is available with 5-by-10-foot bed and a choice of either 5,000-pound GVWR single axle or 10,000-pound GVWR walking beam suspension. Models feature 6-inch tube main frames rails, 3-inch channel cross members and a 4-inch channel tongue. The floor is constructed of 10-gauge steel with a bed that is 48 inches wide at the bottom and flared to 60 inches wide at the top. The 25-inch flared sides are 12-gauge steel and standard on both trailers.

Both models feature a solid, 4-inch dump cylinder designed to offer a 45-degree dumping angle. The dumping system is powered by the tractor’s hydraulics. An optional, onboard hydraulics package is also available and mounts directly on the tongue.

The AG-510 Series also features Dexter axles on the single-axle model, custom walking beam suspension on the tandem model, heavy-duty implement hitch, a Bulldog 5k post jack, 11L-15 AG 8-ply turf tires and an acid etch wash prior to Valspar powder-coated finishes.