New Orchard Tractor

John Deere introduces its new 5105ML Tractor, specifically configured for orchards. The John Deere PowerTech four-cylinder diesel engine produces up to 105 engine hp (90 PTO hp). Two transmission options are available: 12/F/4R SyncShuttle Plus Transmission and 16F/16R PowrReverser Transmission with left-hand electrohydraulic reverser.

The 5105ML is available in a two-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive configuration and comes equipped with adjustable full-coverage rear fenders, a differential lock and fuel-saving economy PTO. Additional standard equipment consists of dual rear work lights, breakaway indicator lights, a low-profile tilt/telescoping steering wheel, three hydraulic remotes and a reinforced fuel tank with protective guarding.

Put Your Mark on It

Produce Labeling & Coding of America is offering a lightweight, hand-held, triggerless electronic labeler for shipping labels and radio frequency identification labels, the PLACOA Accu-touch Electronic Labeler EM 21.

It features a rechargeable battery and can accommodate individual fruits and vegetables, clamshells, bags, food gift and specialty packaging. Labels can be made with multiple widths, from .5 to 4 inches.


New Side Locking Tarp System

Agri-Cover, Inc. introduces its new Side Locking Tarp System for semitrailers, farm trucks and grain carts. The Side Locking Tarp provides protection from the elements and is handmade in the United States.

Keep Gloves Handy

Glove Guard introduces the Handi Klip glove retention device. It features oversized jaws and a ball and socket design with a high breakaway point. Available in five colors.


It’s a Cover-Up

Tillage Radishes, by Green Tillage, is a cover crop that reduces compaction and feeds the biological soil component to significantly increase crop yields. It has increased corn yields by 10 to 20 bushels per acre in university trials.

A member of the brassica plant family and a fall/winter cover crop, Tillage Radishes have large, fast-growing roots for better nutrient and water management. Tillage Radishes unlock tied-up nutrients and make them available for the spring-planted crop. Tillage Radishes also add up to 5 tons of organic matter per acre.

High-Density Inside Growing

Valcent Products, Inc. announces a new VertiCrop product line for use in a warehouse environment. Using the latest horticultural lighting technologies, combined with state-of-the-art irrigation and nutrient delivery systems, the VertiCrop High Density Vegetable Growing System is suitable for installing in industrial-type warehouses.

The VertiCrop warehouse growing system will also use a hybrid lighting system, harnessing and channeling heat-free natural daylight, complemented by the latest LED horticultural lighting technology.

Long-Term Amendment

Biochar Systems announces the commercial release of its first mobile biochar production unit, the Biochar 1000.

Biochar is a highly porous, carbon-rich soil amendment, produced from biomass by a pyrolysis process. It increases the capacity of soils to retain and supply nutrients and water to growing plants while sequestering the carbon from the original biomass for centuries to millennia. It is a one-time amendment that does not need to be reapplied year after year.

The Biochar 1000 is rated for the production of 1,000 tons of biochar per year.