New Mandarin for Commercial Production

Citrus researchers at the University of California, Riverside, have released a new mandarin (or tangerine) for commercial production. DaisySL (seedless) is finely textured and juicy, with a rich, sweet and distinctive flavor when mature. Its rind is smooth and thin and bears a deep orange color.

The DaisySL fruit averages 2.7 inches in diameter and about 2.4 inches in height. Each fruit has 10 to 11 segments and a semisolid axis of medium size at maturity. The fruit is juicy, averaging 47 percent juice, and weighs 135 grams on average. It averages 2.2 seeds per fruit in mixed plantings with other citrus varieties (in more uniformly varietal commercial plantings, a lower seed content is expected).


Access Anywhere

eBridge Solutions, a Web-based document management company, has introduced eBridge Solutions 4.0 for agribusiness industry professionals. eBridge Solutions allows users to scan, store and retrieve documents using any computer with Internet access. Documents are scanned in and labeled using up to seven user-defined index values. Users can retrieve documents using those index values or search by keyword (like vendor, document type and date). Files are stored indefinitely on eBridge Solutions’ network.

New features in 4.0 include a new automatic scanner detector, enhanced TIFF viewer, improved optical character recognition (OCR) and even greater data encryption.

Keep Your Eye on the Sky

Campbell Scientific announces the new version of its weather station software, VisualWeather 3.0, which provides software support for various Campbell Scientific weather stations, including the ET107, ET106 and MetData1 preconfigured weather stations, as well as custom weather stations.

The software allows users to set up the station, interrogate the station,
display data and generate reports from one or more weather stations. VisualWeather 3.0 includes support for the ET107 and Toro T107, enhanced station status and station data screens, as well as improved Web output and FTP support. Changes have been made to the underlying database to allow faster report generation. VisualWeather now includes a global-units option, which controls output units for reports and station data screens, and it can now display the user interface component text in an alternate language if a separate VisualWeather language package has been installed.

Warm Up Your Field

A new Filter Preheater for Bulk Tank Fuel Filters by E TIP, Inc. prevents fuel gelling in the filter under cold-weather circumstances. The Bulk Tank Filter Preheater will fit 3 to 4-inch diameter, 7-inch tall metal filter housings. Three springs with nylon ties hold the Preheater in position. Powered by 120 volts, it is equipped with a thermostat to prevent overheating. A ground lead uses an alligator clip to ground the Preheater.

All-Terrain Irrigation

Reinke Mfg., Inc. announces its new Flexible Three-Wheel Tower. The tower, particularly designed to provide improved flotation and traction in difficult soils, operates using all standard drivetrain components. The flexible tower design keeps all three tires on the ground at all times. This places a more consistent load on the drivetrain, even while it provides power to all three wheels. Keeping all three wheels on the ground reduces the load on each tire and improves flotation, thereby reducing wheel ruts.

The extra tower base width of the structure allows the tower to cross trouble spots where standard towers might become stuck or high-centered. The flexibility and increased truss stability combine to greatly reduce the likelihood of span roll when traversing ditches and ridges.