Need a Lift?

The 8-Series, from Toyota Industrial Equipment, offers 12 lift truck models with load capacities ranging from 3,000 to 6,500 pounds. Maximum fork height is either 131 or 131.5 inches. Models are powered by four-cylinder gas or diesel engines; rated engine horsepower ranges from 51 to 59. All models have hydrostatic power steering, hydraulic brakes and a powershift transmission. Features include a System of Active Stability that electronically monitors and controls the lift truck’s operations to help reduce the risk of tipovers and an Integrated Monitoring System that provides instant access to every aspect of the lift truck’s operating system.

Protect Your Produce

Norseman Plastics’ Dura Harvest Totes are designed with produce and personnel in mind. Vented sidewalls increase cooling; soft, rolled edges prevent damage to fruit; and recessed vent holes improve drainage. Each basket measures 20.5 inches long, 13.66 inches wide and 10.88 inches high on the outside and can hold up to 30 pounds of produce. They can be nested, stacked or cubed on a 40-by-48-inch grocery pallet. To top it off, their ergonomic design helps to reduce repetitive motion injuries in the field and packinghouse.

Vine Stats

The PureSense Irrigation Manager lets grape growers monitor real-time conditions in the field from afar. Soil moisture, root activity and climate conditions are updated every 15 minutes via hosted servers. Growers can be alerted to potentially damaging conditions by cell phone or e-mail; it also lets growers know when to stop or start irrigation and other crop operations. The field monitoring station includes soil moisture probes, a pressure switch, climate sensors, the PS Connect that collects and sends data, and a solar panel. Along with the equipment and software, PureSense provides installation services and provides ongoing field and Web site maintenance.

Track it All

Ag-Biz Solutions has developed a farm management software package to help growers track their crops, from planting to sales. Hay&CropManager maintains multiyear production and input histories for every field; tracks what’s available to sell and where it’s stored; writes sales contracts and prints invoices and reports; and follows deliveries and costs on a field-by-field basis. It runs on both Macs and PCs and includes video tutorials.

Supplement ASAP

ASAP Plant Minerals offers a blend of those essential microminerals and trace elements required by plants. Produced by ASAP Products, this OMRI-listed soil amendment is said to increase nutrient density, crop yields and cold tolerance. Delivered as a liquid, it will enhance the effectiveness of all organic N-P-K fertilizers. Use on vegetables, grapes, citrus, nuts and more.

The CropCam

The CropCam is a radio-controlled model glider plane that provides high-resolution digital images for precision agriculture. The plane includes a miniature autopilot, Pentax digital camera, Trimble GPS and software to provide images on demand. Once the 6-pound plane is hand-launched, it is capable of flying for up to 20 minutes before returning to the spot it started from. Images acquired at 2,100 feet above the ground have the spatial resolution of approximately 15 centimeters. Higher resolution can be achieved by programming the CropCam to fly closer to the ground. Use to monitor or maintain a permanent record of crop conditions.

Speedy Soil Sampler

AgRobotics has introduced the AutoProbe, a high-speed soil-sampling device for large-scale growers. The device has a rubber track-driven mechanism actuating a probe that penetrates the soil to a depth of 6 inches and withdraws a soil core as it retracts. It is capable of pulling cores in 16-inch increments that translates to one sample every 1.5 seconds when towed across a field at 8 mph by the GPS-steered utility vehicle. Cores are then collected and conveyed to the vehicle’s cab for automatic packaging into soil lab sample boxes. The operator remains in the driver’s seat throughout the process, free from having to steer and able to devote full attention to applying automatically printed labels to sample containers.

Super Pruner

Superior Fruit Equipment now has an 8-inch hand pruner with forged aluminum handles and a high carbon SK-5 steel blade. Replacement parts are also available.

Pack Up and Go

A&B Packing Equipment’s CT-Universal Pack #6500 is a high-speed filler for grape and cherry tomatoes. Features include twin inline cup vibrators to eliminate fruit falling through the machine at cup separation and a wide chute, high-speed guillotine de-nester with quick-adjust handles that automatically places cups on the line. It packs 20 to 180 pints per minute and can pack up to 5-pound clamshell containers. The stainless steel frame measures 10 feet by 29 inches and has four wheeled legs.

Know Your Environment

Fruit, vegetable and nut growers tracking storage temperature or humidity conditions can retrieve real-time data and download data for further analysis with the redesigned Dickson Graph-at-a-Glance Flat Panel Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers. The loggers provide a digital graph so that managers can immediately detect environmental trends that could potentially affect product quality. Features include 4.5-by-3.4-inch display screen, FLASH memory card data transfer capability, USB-enabled triple speed downloading, user-defined display settings, 32 kilobytes of storage, and audio and visual alarms. Models include the FT300 and FT325 for temperature only, and FH320 and FH325 for temperature and humidity.

Compact Cat

Bobcat has introduced a new line of compact tractors. At the moment, there are five models available—CT120, CT122, CT225, CT230 and CT235—and four additional models will be released throughout 2008. All feature four-wheel drive and hydrostatic transmissions. Engine horsepower ranges from 20 to 34 and weights range from 2,055 to 3,055 pounds. All models can be used with Bobcat implements, including an angle blade, backhoe and box blade.

A Mobile Time Clock

P.E.T Tiger, from Orange Enterprises, handles payroll data collection and production tracking. It fits any size business, from a few employees to thousands. It works by collecting hours and piece rate payroll information using scanable tags such as barcodes. For tracking production, the crew leader scans employee barcodes each time a bin is brought in, recording the employee, time and count. For payroll, it minimizes errors associated with converting time sheets to accounting input data and eliminates the paperwork of recording attendance and production. Data collected in the field is transmitted to an office computer for analysis and can be used with any payroll software packages.

Maximize Your Hauling Capacity

Agri-Cover, Inc. has developed the ATV Rear Receiver to increase an ATV’s hauling capacity. The 2-inch receiver installs on the machines ball mount hitch and is available for the following ATV models: 2007-2008 Kawasaki Brute Force 750; 2005-2008 Suzuki King Quad 450, 700 and 750; 2008 Yamaha Grizzly 700; and the 2008 ATV Honda Rancher 420.

For the Roots

Deep Drip tree watering stakes, from Underhill International, are for applying water, oxygen and fertilizer directly to tree root zones and can be incorporated into an automatic irrigation system. The 1-inch wide stakes come in three lengths: 14, 24 and 36 inches. All have a slotted cap for drip line attachment, tapered stake heads with a perforated lower shaft, and an internal filter that keeps out rocks and dirt. They are constructed from ABS plastic and feature an ABS cap for sledgehammer installation that is also UV-protected against cracking and weathering.

Monitor Conditions From a Distance

Onset Computer Corp. has unveiled the HOBO Remote Monitoring System, a weather station that provides growers with instant access to data via the Internet. The new system combines weather station hardware with built-in GSM cellular communications and HOBOlink, a Web-enabled software platform. HOBOlink allows users to access current and historical data, set alarm notifications and relay activations, and manage and control HOBO Remote Monitoring systems without having to go into the field.

Users have access to a selection of optional plug-and-play Smart Sensors for measuring a range of parameters including temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, soil moisture, wind speed and direction, leaf wetness, barometric pressure, photosynthetically active radiation and solar radiation. An optional analog input port enables the use of various third-party sensors for additional measurements. Users can also set up alarm conditions for any connected sensors and receive automatic notification via e-mail or cell phone text messages when monitored conditions exceed user-defined limits.

Get the Gel

The DGB with SmartGel is King Innovation’s latest addition to the DryConn Connector family. Designed to house push-in, twist-on or spilt-bolt connectors, this all-in-one product is for waterproofing connections in two-wire/decoder irrigation systems. Filled with SmartGel—a nontoxic sealant that is waterproof and corrosion proof and protects the connection over a wide range of temperatures—the DryConn DBG SmartGel can hold and protect three different connectors using the same housing. The semi-transparent, re-enterable housing allows for splice examination during and after installation without opening the encapsulated connector. Use this connector without the need for grease tubes, heat shrinks, primer, tapes or epoxy packs.

Through Thick and Thin

H.D. Hudson Mfg. Co. has introduced its 2008 version of the 38470 Spray Thick Drum Pump Sprayer that sprays thick or thin materials. It features a closed liquid system, two-piece suction and agitation discharge pipes and a 5 hp Honda engine adjustable for volume and pressure. The sprayer comes with a pump, spray gun with 18-inch straight spray wand and a 30-inch curved wand, two TeeJet brass nozzle assemblies and 25 feet of spray hose. Attach it to a 55-gallon drum or a 5-gallon pail.

Compact and SuperSuite

New Holland’s T2300 Series offers three new tractor models to those in the compact tractor market. Models T2310 and T2320, with 40 and 45 gross hp respectively, are available with either a hydrostatic or 12×12 synchronized shuttle shift transmission as well as an optional SuperSuite cab that offers 60 cubic feet of interior space. Model T2330 has a 50 hp engine and a 12×12 synchronized shuttle shift transmission.

Seaweed and Yucca Fertilizer

Wonder Grow Plant Food has developed Wonder Grow, an organic fertilizer and soil amendment comprised of seaweed and yucca. This multipurpose plant food offers potassium, B-vitamins, trace minerals, rooting hormones and microbial activity. Use as a starter fertilizer, penetrant, root builder, anti-stress compound or mineral source.