The Predator

The GVM Predator 8275 is designed for year-round use with combo capabilities. The new 3500 Allison five-speed transmission includes a torque converter lock-up for fuel efficiency, and the rear drive train has an air shift differential coupled with the new on-demand Front Wheel Assist for hilly and wet terrain. Some other new features include 50 inches of crop clearance and hydraulic power adjust; 1,200-gallon stainless steel tank with an 83-gallon built-in fresh water tank; optional 120-foot boom design with stainless steel boom lines; and an 8-ton, 250-cubic-foot spreader body capacity.

Stay On Top of the Weather

Topcon Precision Agriculture’s X20 Weather Station module incorporates sensors to record and report on wind speed and direction, air temperature and relative humidity. With continuous monitoring, the operator can view weather data while performing any agricultural application. Weather and coverage maps can also be recorded, printed, stored and transmitted by e-mail. Wind speed and direction are calculated and recorded with the integrated X20 Guidance module connected to a GPS receiver, allowing for the operator to plan for and have optimal spraying conditions. The module also includes audio and visual alarms for adverse weather conditions. Combined with the X20 GDX Viewer software, maps and reports of weather conditions by location and date/time can be viewed, printed, copied to thumb drives or transferred to other farm operation software.

Spray SOLO

The new SOLO 433 High Pressure Sprayer, powered by a 25cc two-cycle gas engine and a push-pull piston pump, can reach a controlled operating pressure of up to 435 PSI and be used for fine spray-mist applications. This backpack sprayer has more than a 5-gallon capacity and uses a 2-foot stainless steel spray lance. It comes with a flat-jet nozzle with stainless steel screens, and a dual Y nozzle and triple concentric nozzle are optional. Accessories also include a triple nozzle 24-inch wand, a 48-inch extension wand and spray lance with changeable nozzle, and a telescopic wand that extends from 48 inches to 90 inches.

High-Level Pruning

Tanaka’s new pole saw, the TPS-260PF, cuts branches up to 8 inches in diameter. Powered by Tanaka’s 25cc, 1.3 hp PureFire engine, The TPS-260PF features a padded D-handle, solid steel drive shaft, and a 10-inch Oregon bar and chain. It weighs in at 11.4 pounds, and 2 and 3-foot extensions are available.

Gauge This

There is a new Gauge Wheel Arm for John Deere and Kinze Planters and it’s been introduced by Schaffert Manufacturing and Sales. It works with Schaffert’s Wheel Scrapers and is available as a kit or sold separately. The main benefit to having this new arm is that no welding is required for it to be attached. The flip arm fits right or left side with two zerks that allow you to grease from the top of the unit. Adjustments can be made with the threaded bushing insert.

Down to the Roots

The Irrigation “Soil Moisture” Audit, Spectrum Technologies, measures the amount of moisture received at the root zone, not just on the surface layer. The Audit combines the use of the FieldScout TDR 300 Moisture Meter and the new SpecMaps web-based software. Coupled with a customer-provided GPS unit, managers can get on-the-spot root zone moisture information. Immediate soil moisture results are provided on the internet as a two-dimensional color map of soil moisture variability. Wet and dry spots within the irrigation system become immediately apparent.

Turn the Heat On

Flagro Industries Limited has introduced the FVO-1000TR, a self-contained, indirect fired heater trailer. The unit includes 2-FVO-400 Flagro indirect fired heaters that provide dry, contaminant-free heated air to the job site. Features fully welded, 16-gauge, 304 stainless steel heat exchangers. The dual-axle trailer is approved to TC, DOT transportation and CSA electrical requirements. Heavy-gauge steel ducting cabinet, electric emergency brakes, safety chains and lighting are all standard equipment.

Seaweed and Yucca Fertilizer

Wonder Grow Plant Food has developed Wonder Grow, an organic fertilizer and soil amendment comprised of seaweed and yucca. This multipurpose plant food offers potassium, B-vitamins, trace minerals, rooting hormones and microbial activity. Use as a starter fertilizer, penetrant, root builder, anti-stress compound or mineral source.

MicroEase Irrigation

Underhill has expanded the MicroEase line with the introduction of a pre-packaged Large Area Micro-Irrigation Kit designed for planting beds or other limited areas. The kit contains all necessary components for a complete low volume system: 25 6-inch spikes with adjustable spray nozzle; faucet connector; 50 feet of 5/8-inch main line supply tubing; 50 feet of .25-inch lateral supply tubing; snap-on faucet adapter; snap-on filter; ratchet clamp; two compression hose end caps; 10 goof plugs; 5/8-inch compression elbow; 5/8-inch compression tee; key punch; and instructions and watering guide in English and Spanish. The flow adjusts up to 24 GPM and the radius adjusts from 0 to 14 feet. The precipitation rate is 1-inch per hour, depending on adjustment and spacing.

New ATV Plow Mounts

Agri-Cover, Inc., manufacturer of the Snowsport All Terrain Plow, has released nine new plow mounts for ATVs. The following new model-specific applications are now available: Honda Rincon 650, Arctic Cat LE Models, Polaris 500, Kawasaki Brute Force 750, Kawasaki Mule 3000 Series, Kawasaki Mule 600 Series, Polaris Ranger RZR, Land Pride 72-inch Accu-Z ZTR mower, and the Dixon Grizzly ATR mower.

The Buddy System

Fruit growers using data loggers or chart recorders to ensure storage area temperature and humidity stay in acceptable ranges can now get added protection by combining Dickson Compliance-Max calibrations with a Buddy System signup in the Dickson Calibration Club. The club is an automatic calibration reminder service for NIST-certified instruments of calibration schedules that must be followed to keep data loggers and chart recorders operating at original specifications. The new Buddy System option allows enrollees to include a co-worker for backup calibration reminders in anticipation of changing job roles, off-site assignments, vacation schedules and similar workplace events that might make it difficult for the primary enrollee to follow up on reminders.

Work in Sync

Farm Works has announced Farm Sync, a new addition to their software suite that allows farmers and consultants to download or upload data from a mobile device using a wireless network. To aid with data entry, drop-down lists of names for fields, equipment, personnel and supplies can be created. Other jobs for mapping field boundaries, soil sample locations, tile lines or variable rate can also be accomplished using GPS. Once the jobs are completed, drive within your wireless network range and all data automatically synchronize to the office computer.

The Lightweight Strongback

Highway Products, Inc. has introduced its latest model of the Strongback flatbed that adds less weight to the truck, allowing for higher payloads and increased fuel efficiency. The all-aluminum flatbed is available with optional toolboxes and lumber rack. Highway Products build these flatbeds for GMC, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Freightliner, International and other brand trucks.

An Updated Handler

Manitou has updated the four-wheel drive MRT 2150P rotating telescopic handler with a 150 hp Tier III Mercedes engine. The operator’s compartment has also been updated with a larger cab, ergonomic joysticks, and now all fluids are housed outside the cab for a cleaner operator environment. The handler has a 10,000-pound lift capacity with continuous rotation, 67-foot-7-inch lift height and 59-foot-8-inch forward reach.

The Plug Popper

Seed E-Z Seeder’s latest product is a plug popper that takes the work out of dislodging plugs. To operate, place rooted plugs over the pegged frame, slide handle rods through the plug tray, place depressor over rods and push down.