Tractors for Tight Spaces

John Deere’s F-Series orchard/vineyard tractors and A-Series nursery/greenhouse tractors are specifically designed to operate and maneuver in the confined work environments and field conditions of specialty crops and plants. For the orchard and vineyard market, three models are available: the 53-inch wide 76F rated at 76 hp, the 57-inch wide 85F rated at 83 hp, and the 57-inch wide 100F rated at 96 hp. All are powered by turbocharged VM Detroit diesel engines and feature a transmission with 24 forward and 16 reverse speeds. The three-point hitch has 5,500 pounds of lift capacity and an adjustable rate control for raising and lowering.

For the nursery and greenhouse markets, the 20A features a 21 hp, two-cylinder, Lombardini, air-cooled, diesel engine. It is 40 inches tall, 32 inches wide and 98 inches long, and has a 45-degree articulated design for tighter turning and maneuverability. The transmission has six forward and three reverse speeds and mechanical front-wheel drive with traction control. The three-point hitch offers 1,100 pounds of lift capacity.


In the Red

Plants use the red/far red light ratio to determine crowding conditions and grow tall or full accordingly. Spectrum Technologies has released a hand-held unit, the Field Scout Red/Far Red Meter, that displays the ratio on a LCD screen, as well as actual readings for the 660 and 730-nanometer sensors. Use this unit to monitor row crops and greenhouse plants.


Monitor Your Flow

SeaMetrics’ AG2000 is a flanged electromagnetic flowmeter for use in 4 to 10-inch pipe. With no moving parts, the meter is designed to perform in clean or dirty water. Available in battery or externally powered models, the meter has a built-in rate/totalizer and pulse output, and the tamper-evident seal protects data integrity. It mates with numerous SeaMetrics controls, data loggers, and displays. Use as a solution to metering in agricultural applications.


Go Small

Bobcat Company has introduced the 2,845-pound S70, the smallest model in the company’s line of skid steer loaders. It measures 71.4 inches high, 35.4 inches wide and 75.5 inches long without an attachment. It has a rated operating capacity of 700 pounds and is powered by a 23.5 hp diesel engine. The fully hydrostatic, four-wheel drive S70 replaces the model 463 and incorporates new features, including an updated engine mount, hydrostatic pump centering and belt drive system. The S70 also includes the Bob-Tach attachment system and a 14-pin attachment control kit.


Tele Evolution

Manitou North America has added a new model to the Evolution series of ag telehandlers. The MLT 735 replaces the MLT 634 and MLT 741 units, combining many of their features with a Tier III compliant engine, JSM joystick and external toolbox. It has a lift capacity of 7,500 pounds; a maximum lift height of 22 feet, 6 inches; and a maximum forward reach of 12 feet, 9 inches. Powered by a 123 hp Perkins engine, it has a torque converter and three steering modes.


Pest Relief

DuPont has received registration approvals from the EPA and the Canada Pest Management Regulatory Agency for Altacor and Coragen, two new insecticides that control a range of pests. Both are powered by Rynaxypyr, an insecticide that targets pest species with minimal impact on beneficial species. Altacor is registered for use in pome fruits, stone fruits and grapes. Coragen is registered for use on vegetable crops, including lettuce, peppers and tomatoes.


Know Your Stats

Omega Engineering’s OM-CP-RHTEMP 2000 is a wall-mountable data logger with the ability to simultaneously display remote readings of environmental parameters, including temperature and humidity. The eight-button, lock-capable keypad and the large backlit LCD provide access to current data and recorder setup as well as memory and battery levels, sampling and recording status, and external power status. The available on-screen data includes: statistics (min, max, and average) for both channels; recording status (start, stop and recording rate); display options (channels shown, units and text size); and calibration information (date calibrated and date for recalibration). This product will retain recorded data even when AC and battery power are lost. Use to monitor temperature and relative humidity in any controlled environment.


New for Grapes

Prowl H2O herbicide from BASF has received registration from the California Department of Pesticide Regulation for use on grapes, including table, raisin and wine varieties. The water-based formulation of Prowl H2O has less odor, produces less staining, contains no VOCs, and does not bind to field surface residue like organic solvent-based products. It is also registered for use on other crops, including bearing fruit and nut trees; carrots and carrots grown for seed production; corn; beans; garlic; peas; onions and shallots; peanuts and potatoes. Use for broadleaf weed and annual grass control.


Fungi Defense

Syngenta Crop Protection has announced the federal registration of Revus Top fungicide for use on tomatoes and potatoes against oomycete pathogens. The new fungicide is a one-to-one combination of mandipropamid, a carboxylic acid amide fungicide, and difenoconazole, a triazole fungicide (sterol inhibitor). It provides protection against early blight and late blight, as well as black mold, black dot, Septoria leaf spot, anthracnose and other damaging diseases. Applied by ground, air or chemigation, Revus Top is rain-fast as soon as spray droplets have dried. State registrations or specific crop and/or pest uses may still be pending in certain states. Check with your state regulatory agency to determine registration status.


Utility Tractor For U?

New Holland’s T4000 Series of utility tractors includes four models with 64 to 95 gross hp, four-cylinder engines. Choice of two or four-wheel drive; the optional SuperSteer front axle, available on the T4030 and T4050, offers a tight turning angle. Transmission options include a 12×12 Synchro Command mechanical, a fully synchronized transmission with synchronized forward/reverse shuttle, or a 16×16 Synchro Command synchronized transmission with mechanical or electro-hydraulic power shuttle. Standard equipment includes a fully independent 540 RPM PTO with flip-up safety shield.


Organic Weed Killer

Marrone Organic Innovations has introduced GreenMatch EX, an herbicide for use on certified organic cropland. The weed killer can be used to control a variety of post-emergent grasses and broadleaf weeds. With lemongrass oil as the main active ingredient, it meets the requirements of the National Organic Program rule for use in organic production. Available in 5-gallon pails.


Speedy Soil Sampler

AgRobotics has introduced the AutoProbe, a high-speed soil-sampling device for large-scale growers. The device has a rubber track-driven mechanism actuating a probe that penetrates the soil to a depth of 6 inches and withdraws a soil core as it retracts. It is capable of pulling cores in 16-inch increments that translates to one sample every 1.5 seconds when towed across a field at 8 mph by the GPS-steered utility vehicle. Cores are then collected and conveyed to the vehicle’s cab for automatic packaging into soil lab sample boxes. The operator remains in the driver’s seat throughout the process, free from having to steer and able to devote full attention to applying automatically printed labels to sample containers.


Maximize Your Hauling Capacity

Agri-Cover, Inc. has developed the ATV Rear Receiver to increase an ATV’s hauling capacity. The 2-inch receiver installs on the machines ball mount hitch and is available for the following ATV models: 2007-2008 Kawasaki Brute Force 750; 2005-2008 Suzuki King Quad 450, 700 and 750; 2008 Yamaha Grizzly 700; and the 2008 ATV Honda Rancher 420.