Account For Your Workers

Exaktime, Inc. has announced new support for Famous Software, an accounting software solution for the produce and agribusiness industries. Now growers, distributors/wholesalers and packers/shippers can use JobClocks and PocketClocks to collect time and attendance, review and edit time records in TimeSummit software, and bring the information into Famous Software for accounting and payroll processing.

The JobClock is an all-weather, battery-powered timeclock that can withstand any kind of field condition and is ideal for mobile work crews, short-duration jobs or tracking numerous cost codes. Workers touch in and out with ID Keytabs kept on their own key rings. Attendance data is collected from each JobClock and transferred to the office with 100 percent accuracy. Once data from JobClocks or PocketClocks is in the office, time management reports can be printed and data can be exported to Famous Software.

Agri Drip

Antelco Corp. has released the Agri Drip 2 GPH pressure-compensating emitter for landscape, agricultural and horticultural applications. The dripper features a silicone rubber diaphragm and a turbulent flow path sealed to maintain preset discharge rates and uniformity. The emitter is resistant to common agricultural chemicals and fertilizers and is made from UV-stabilized materials. The inlet barb has a built-in filter and the outlet is sized to attach a .16-inch micro tube.

Scout for Light

Spectrum Technologies has added new light sensor bars to the Field Scout External Light Sensor Meter’s existing light sensor options. The 3 Sensor Quantum Bar and 6 Sensor Quantum Bar sensors average light readings across greenhouse benches. All light sensors feature cosine correcting diffusion disks to ensure aggregate accuracy when used to measure 24-hour incident light.

EZ Digging

True Temper’s Dig EZ posthole digger reduces the handle travel distance by 40 percent. Utilizing an S-shape design and weighing in at 10 pounds, it offers a wood handle and stopper to protect the user’s knuckles. It also has a pointed blade and a large head to increase the payload.

Reduce Your Drift

The IDK-T ceramic twin flat spray nozzle is the latest addition to Lechler, Inc.’s lineup of IDK air induction nozzles. This drift reduction nozzle is designed to be used alone and provide coverage in dense foliage. A 120-degree pattern nozzle, it features two angled spray fans that are positioned to spray 30 degrees forward and backward of the boom. The working pressure range of 15 to 90 PSI yields very coarse to medium droplet sizes with low drift potential. The nozzles are ISO color-coded with high-wearing ceramic cores that are removable for maintenance. They will fit most bayonet cap and nozzle body systems, and are available in 03, 04 and 05 sizes.

Pest Relief

DuPont has received registration approvals from the EPA and the Canada Pest Management Regulatory Agency for Altacor and Coragen, two new insecticides that control a range of pests. Both are powered by Rynaxypyr, an insecticide that targets pest species with minimal impact on beneficial species. Altacor is registered for use in pome fruits, stone fruits and grapes. Coragen is registered for use on vegetable crops, including lettuce, peppers and tomatoes.