7 Great Garden Trends for the Spring of 2024

January is very much a cold month for many of us. The winter freeze has a long way to go before saying goodbye to 2024, yet spring is never too far away. It’s difficult to imagine, but soon you’ll be seeing multitudes of colorful flowers, the sun shining, fresh veggies growing.

Every year brings new trends, innovative ideas, and comebacks of yesteryear. Stuck on what you should do in your garden this coming spring? These 5 great garden trends for 2024 may give you the inspiration you’re looking for.

1. Indoors = Outdoors = Indoors

source: unsplash.com

The last few years have taught us how important it is to make our home environments comfortable and cozy, a place to spend time with family and friends, or even just reading a book outside whilst enjoying a little bit of sunshine.

2024 should see even more gardens blurring the lines between outdoor and indoor environments. Extending the living area beyond the walls of our homes is an excellent way to maximize space. It gives you that little bit of breathing room, that connection to the environment.

Look for ‘garden rooms’ to become particularly popular. Using screens with a combination of shrubs, plants, and man-made materials to create a private space, but still giving the joy of being outside. Comfy hammocks, plenty of seating for guests, lights; everything that makes your garden an inviting place.

2. The Rise of Raised (Gardens!)

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Raised bed gardens have been gaining popularity in the last few years, but 2024 is looking to be a bumper year for this trend. Whether you’re looking for a garden full of your very own veggies, or a beautiful and picturesque view on a daily basis, raised beds give you plenty of options.

There are a bunch of benefits to raised gardens. First, you choose the soil conditions. Compost, mulch, soil type, it’s all in your hands. This means you can decide which plants you want to grow, with very few limitations.

Not sure where to start? Not a problem. To get more ideas on raised bed gardens please visit Jim’s Mowing site. They are perfect for beginners and don’t require a huge budget.

3. 100% Green

Sustainable living is now firmly near the top of the priority list for many of us. According to Forbes, 77% of people are actively looking for ways to go green and combat climate change.

That desire extends to our gardens. People no longer want a carbon copy of a garden found in a magazine or on Pinterest. Instead, they want to work with the surrounding environment.

Sustainable gardens can come in many forms: choosing plants that are local. Live in a dry area? No more gardens that need ridiculous amounts of water. By growing your own veggies, you’re lightening the load on long-distance imports.

4. Inviting Wildlife

Source: seasonalpreferences.com

2024 should see gardeners looking to make their spaces welcoming for local wildlife. And no, that’s not just about adding a flimsy bird feeder and calling it a day! This spring, it’s going to involve a lot more than that.

People are realizing that wildlife can be enjoyed; they’re not exclusively pests or an annoyance. We can cohabit with the world around us, rather than bulldozing the previous tenants away.

What does this look like on the ground? Replacement of large lawns with green alternatives that attract pollinators, improve soil health, and cater to local wildlife. Water features should also see increased popularity; a perfect place for visitors!

5. Vegetable and Herb Gardens

source: unsplash.com

Vegetable and herb gardens have seen a great increase in popularity. The prices of organic and healthy vegetables and herbs have gone up, and in the last two years we have all spent too much time cooped up inside. That is what inspired people to grow their own vegetables and herbs to use in their cooking, healthy meals, snacks and so much more.

The sizes of such gardens are vast and you can design it according to your needs. Even if you live in an apartment, you can still have a few pots of herbs and smaller veggies. And if you’d like one in your yard, you can really go big and wide and have as many veggies and herbs as you want and need. It is truly a rewarding and relaxing project that you can take up this spring and have fresh food on the table throughout the year.

Kid-Friendly Spaces

source: unsplash.com

Since adults are not the only ones that love spending time outside, you should consider adding some kid-friendly spaces to your garden. The little ones love experiencing new things, and these spaces can help them learn about nature, how to grow their own food, and overall how to take care of plants.

And if your garden is inviting to them, they are more likely to step away from screens and enjoy playing and learning outside. You can teach your youngest about the plants, or if you have teens you can always create a safe space for them and their friends to hang out.

Prioritizing Mental Health, Not a Magazine Garden

source: unsplash.com

We’ve often put far too much pressure on ourselves to create a garden fit for a magazine. Everything has to be perfect, just so. Instead of gardens giving us joy and pleasure, they become a chore and an extra bundle of stress.

The last few years in particular have brought mental health to the forefront. And research has shown that gardens can bring a lot of benefits to us when it comes to well-being and peace of mind.

So, in 2024, focus on creating a garden that brings you joy. Is there a plant that reminds you of a loved one? Plant it, front and center! Focus on sensory experiences. Plants with gorgeous scents, soft textures you can brush up against, plants that rustle in the breeze, water fountains with a calming sound.

Which Trend is Yours?

These trends are for inspiration, not to simply copy and paste. Don’t be afraid to follow your own path, even if you’re an absolute beginner when it comes to gardening. We all have to start somewhere!