Growers Supply Announces Speaker for CEA Workshop, EPA Solicits Proposals: This Week’s Industry News

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Growers Supply Announces New Guest Speaker for October CEA Workshop
Growers Supply announced “The Buglady”, Suzanne Wainwright-Evans, will be a guest speaker at the company’s October 12-14 CEA Hands-On Workshop. The workshop will be hosted at their CEA Learning Center East in South Windsor, Connecticut. Wainwright-Evans is an Entomologist specializing in integrated pest management. The workshop will offer participants a three-day schedule where Growers Supply experts and industry specialists educate attendees on the latest trends and innovations in controlled environment agriculture (CEA). The workshop cost is $995 for the full three days. 

EPA Solicits Proposals for a Cooperative Agreement for Pesticide Applicator Education and Training
EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs is soliciting applications from eligible recipients to assist in carrying out pesticide applicator education and training activities. This work supports implementation of EPA’s Certification and Training Rule, which aims to reduce the risk of pesticide poisoning and injury among handlers, applicators, bystanders and the public. The cooperative agreement will provide financial assistance to an eligible applicant to equitably distribute funds to sub-recipients for pesticide applicator education and training on the safe use of pesticides. EPA expects to provide up to $1,500,000 the first year and $1,000,000 annually thereafter, depending on the agency’s budget, for a total of five years (2017 through 2023). EPA must receive proposals through no later than 11:59 p.m. EST on October 31.