In the February issue, Growing Editor-in-Chief Michael Freeze shared his reflections in his “From The Editor” note. (

Stephanie Schartner

That got me thinking…

Growing is celebrating its 10th year anniversary. Time flies so fast while working with so many readers and advertisers for the past decade! I have learned a lot about the fruit and vegetable industry and you, the readers that display the pride of your work and your dedication to this profession. It’s like I’ve been a part of a big family.

My family – my husband of 26 years, my daughter and son and their spouses along with my three grandsons – traditionally gather for dinner every Sunday afternoon. We don’t have the ordinary dinner setting. Our weekend spread is over an old maple dining table that should have been thrown out many moons ago.

I decided one day to sand it down and share what the dinner table meant to me. It makes me grateful for what growers bring to my family every Sunday – delicious, fresh foods you work so hard to produce. Thank you for keeping us healthy in body and well-being.

My family always uses the time to share new ideas, especially recipes. I want to invite you to share yours too. Visit our Facebook page ( and share your recipes!

On The Road

Wow! From The Great Lakes Expo to The World Ag Expo, the show season is finally coming to a close. It was great to see everyone and find out how you feel about the industry. I had a lot of positive feedback on the outlook for 2015.

I know you readers are out there working long days and looking for new products to help run your business more efficiently. Seed companies are working around the clock to put together catalogs for you to have on hand by spring. Manufactures are also working to improve products based on the suggestions given by you, the end users.

Heck, I am even hearing secrets I wish I could let out of the bag! So, you better check to get the scoop.

Speaking of getting the scoop, are you following Growing Magazine on Facebook ( and Twitter (@GrowingMagazine)? We have some great things lined up for 2015 (Hint: It involves prizes and much more for our valuable readers).

Have you had the chance to engage with our new Editor-in-Chief, Michael Freeze? He’s the one I’m always showing off when we’ve been on the road this year. If not, please do. As always, I would love to hear from you as well. I look forward to the recipes you are going to share.

This industry is a way of life for me. You work hard to produce the best, healthiest foods to feed the world. You take pride from soil to broil. We appreciate that so much and will continue to tell your amazing story.